January 22, 2012

Sweetie Pie shower Jelly by Lush

So "Lush" recently opened a store in Latvia. For those who don't know, lush makes fresh handmade cosmetics. Anyway, i was looking for a present for a friend, decided to check out what lush has in store for us and came across this amazing Wobbly jelly for Shower/Bath called "Sweetie pie". It smells absolutely amazing; it has this cherry-coconut kick to it. It is purple, wobbly and with glitters. So for those who love sparkly, say yay! for shower gels with glitter. For me, i loved the scent, the look and the feel. I fell in love with it immediately, so that's what i got for my friend.

Lush Sweetie Pie Review
Sweetie Pie by lush

You see the words "Shower Jelly" and at first u think "Huh?! how am i supposed to bathe with jelly". Easy! Just take a piece of the wobbly jelly with a spoon, put it on your hands and rub your hands together until it forms a white lathery substance. You can add a little bit of water so it lathers better.

Lush sweetie pie

Have you ever used this wobbly jelly for shower/bath? What do you think of it?

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