February 5, 2012

Winter necessities

Winter in Latvia was somewhat warm in comparison to the last 2 years. It was weird not having snow for Christmas and New Year, and so we all thought that we were going to have a snowless, warm winter… But in the middle of January, we got a huge surprise…. SNOW!!!!! Lots of it. It was still relatively warm; say some -15°C  so I wasn’t that worried. But starting from about 30th January or thereabout, it became VEEEERRRRYYY cold; the temperature dropped to -30°C. In these days I became even better friends with certain beauty products.

It’s at this moment I realized how much I need these products at this time of the year. These products include:

Winter necessities
  • Hand and Body lotion – When the weather is as cold as this, you find it very important to use some sort of lotion. During the day, I use my hand cream about 10 times if not much more… The feeling of dry hands after you wash them just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I like to have soft, supple hands.
  •  Lip Balm – This is such a life saver and could be in either pot or stick form. Personally I don’t have a favorite, I like having both and carrying them with me at all times. If you want to have nice soft lips then you have to remember to take you lip balm wherever you go.
Also, I guess most people in winter have more or less neutral colors for boots and coats during the winter. At least most of my friends do. So personally, I like to add some color to my nails and lips. I like the combination of a neutral outfit and bright nails. So for me there are two more products I find vital during the winter:
  • Bright nail polish – I love bright nail polish at any time of the year. I like to wear it during summer, spring and autumn to compliment my outfit, and during the winter I like to wear them with neutrals. Giving that Bright, Bold and Beautiful effect.
  • Lip stick – red, pink or neutral lipstick, no matter the color, it still gives this fresh look.

     Which lip balm do you prefer pot or stick? What else do you like to keep with you at all times during the winter?


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