March 31, 2012

Dorothy Perkins haul

aqua jeans, gold/cream bracelet, purple tights and a red+ fuchsia clutch

Yay! So I got my order from Dorothy Perkins yesterday and I'm so excited to put together an outfit with these lovely things. I'm always super excited to get new clothes, shoes or accessories into my collection. 

I got:
1. Aqua Skinny Jeans
2. Purple opaque tights
3. Red and pink color-block clutch
4. Cream and gold bracelet set
Want to help me style these up?

Let me know your suggestions.

March 30, 2012

DIY red bow clip

Today is a free day for me. Yaaay! This you can guess pretty much meant I didn't wake up early like I do for work every other day. Hubby left for work early and I decided to sleep in, since I will not be able to do that tomorrow because I'm picking a friend up from the airport (Yay!) and then I have to write an exam with loads of calculations (Bleeeh!). So not looking forward to that part of the day.
Anyway, I finally got up and since I was at home alone I decided to do another DIY. This time, I decided to do a red bow hair clip. After making the bow itself, it looked kinda plain so I decided to add a touch of glam with a little swarovski crystal in the middle of the bow.

I think my new hair clip looks pretty awesome, and I can't wait to wear it out. I'll put up an outfit post with my little red bow once it's done. 

Ingredients for bow clip DIYBow hairclip DIY

How do you think my red bow looks? What should I wear my new hair clip with?

March 25, 2012

Nude shirt and abstract skirt

Yaaaay!!! The blog's banner is finally ready! In my last post, I mentioned that I went on a spa getaway, well during this time I got the chance to finally take pictures for the blog banner. I think it came out pretty darn good. While thinking of a theme for the banner I wanted it to portray what my blog is about and in the end i came up with this. I hope you like it. 

Zara shirt and miss selfridge skirtZara shirt, Miss Selfridge skirt and nude pumps
Outfit details:
Top: Zara
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Gift
Rings: Topshop (index finger) and gifts

I have been dying to wear this Miss Selfridge skirt . I couldn't all this while because unfortunately it's not yet summer. I finished up my look with nude pumps and red lips. 

Miss Selfridge skirt
Red nails + Beige and gold bracelets

Do you like my outfit? Any ideas on what to match this skirt with next time?

Spa weekend

This weekend, hubby and I got to go for a spa weekend at Hotel Jurmala Spa. Jurmala is our beach city here in Latvia and even though it's not yet summer, it's still beautiful here in spring. I was so excited to get to finally relax for 2 days I could not wait. As some of you may know, I did mention getting away for a bit in my birthday post. Well, the day finally came and at 4 in the evening we were at the spa and settled in.

Since the spa treatments were available till 23:00 we decided to go take a walk on the beach first and have dinner. Dinner was very yummy; my strawberry mojito looks very tasty as you can see and I had my favorite sushi. Yummmmm!

Strawberry mojito
Tokyocity Sushi
After dinner we had a short walk and then went back to the hotel. I had a lovely time at the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna etc. 

Although i wasn't able to take pictures at the pool, i did take a few shots of the lobby and what i loved most in the hotel which was the chandelier. I think it looks amazing with the little flowers. 

Hotel Jurmala Spa
Jurmala Spa Lobby

What do you think of the chandelier?


March 21, 2012

Decimal shoes giveaway! {CLOSED}

Decimal shoes is having a giveaway. A voucher of Rp. 500.000/ USD 50 to buy their shoes!!!

Decimal shoes look so amazing. Even though I have never owned one, I would love to try them on. I love quite a number of very nice and interesting ones from their webpage, but at the moment, i have chosen:
"Chris petals" - they look absolutely amazing, and make me very excited because the flowery pattern is associated for spring/summer and warmth.
Chris petals by Decimal shoes
"Nisa" - they are bold. The color red attracts a lot of attention and the little bows on the shoes are so cute i could eat them.
Nisa by Decimal shoes
You can go to their webpage (Decimal shoes) to make your order or their blog (Decimal shoes blog) to join the giveaway.

Tattoos. Hot or not?

I know this is not my usual theme but i just had to write about this. Tattoos have been present in our world for a while now, and well when i was young i always wanted to get one. Growing up, I began to understand that not everyone likes tattoos. I am very interested in knowing what people think. I've seen some pretty amazing tattoos and keep wondering if I should get one myself.

Photo by ValentinaM  (Link)
Photo by Me*Myself*&*I  (Link)
Star tattoo
Photo by Zach Akukumb (Link)
There are a lot of celebrities that have tattoos. I've always admired Rihanna's tattoos, the stars on her back/neck and the Pisces sign behind her ear are so cute. She also has a "Shh" tattoo on her index finger. 
Oh and I'm sure everyone has seen that we now have inner lip tattoos. Personally, this trend baffles me. Aren't they absolutely, head again the wall painful? Plus nobody gets to see them unless you show them. Everyone who already has one or is thinking of getting one is really brave.

What do you think about tattoos and the new trend? Do you have a tattoo already or are planning to get one?

March 8, 2012

Happy 8th of March

Hi ladies,

Just like Beyonce's song goes - "who runs the world? Girls!". Without these beautiful creations, we would not have so many people on earth.

I would like to wish you all happy international women's day. I hope you all are having fun today and your special man already gave you a bunch of flowers and presents. Keep being beautiful, powerful and ambitious!

I love you all.
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