March 30, 2012

DIY red bow clip

Today is a free day for me. Yaaay! This you can guess pretty much meant I didn't wake up early like I do for work every other day. Hubby left for work early and I decided to sleep in, since I will not be able to do that tomorrow because I'm picking a friend up from the airport (Yay!) and then I have to write an exam with loads of calculations (Bleeeh!). So not looking forward to that part of the day.
Anyway, I finally got up and since I was at home alone I decided to do another DIY. This time, I decided to do a red bow hair clip. After making the bow itself, it looked kinda plain so I decided to add a touch of glam with a little swarovski crystal in the middle of the bow.

I think my new hair clip looks pretty awesome, and I can't wait to wear it out. I'll put up an outfit post with my little red bow once it's done. 

Ingredients for bow clip DIYBow hairclip DIY

How do you think my red bow looks? What should I wear my new hair clip with?


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