March 21, 2012

Tattoos. Hot or not?

I know this is not my usual theme but i just had to write about this. Tattoos have been present in our world for a while now, and well when i was young i always wanted to get one. Growing up, I began to understand that not everyone likes tattoos. I am very interested in knowing what people think. I've seen some pretty amazing tattoos and keep wondering if I should get one myself.

Photo by ValentinaM  (Link)
Photo by Me*Myself*&*I  (Link)
Star tattoo
Photo by Zach Akukumb (Link)
There are a lot of celebrities that have tattoos. I've always admired Rihanna's tattoos, the stars on her back/neck and the Pisces sign behind her ear are so cute. She also has a "Shh" tattoo on her index finger. 
Oh and I'm sure everyone has seen that we now have inner lip tattoos. Personally, this trend baffles me. Aren't they absolutely, head again the wall painful? Plus nobody gets to see them unless you show them. Everyone who already has one or is thinking of getting one is really brave.

What do you think about tattoos and the new trend? Do you have a tattoo already or are planning to get one?

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