April 18, 2012

Some things I love from the Dorothy Perkins Sale

Dorothy Perkins sale
 I know I have been lacking posts this April, and I would like to apologize for that. I'm just really busy at the moment with school, work and my car not working which means I have to take the bus which takes twice as long. 
Anyway, back to what this post if about. I was browsing the internet yesterday and went on one of my favorite stores - Dorothy Perkins. And noticed it was the first day of the Dorothy Perkins Mid-Season Sale. They are giving 50% off a lot of items. But you have to hurry because sizes are limited.

In this post I added some pictures of some items I like. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't meet my fashion needs so I am looking for some specific items and would not be getting anything this time.

But the sale is awesome and i think everyone should check it out. The terracotta jeans for example cost ₤15.

I also found these lovely black ankle boots yesterday, but by the time I got home to pay for it, it was out of stock. I am actually really sad because they cost ₤10. But oh well, I'll be sure to keep checking out the store from time to time. You should too.

Have you checked out the store? Did you find anything you like?


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