June 8, 2012

Feature Friday: Dress Up Mutzii

I am so glad to be featuring another amazing blogger. The week's blogger is Mutzii of Dress Up Mutzii. Mutzii is a super cute (don't take this the wrong way sweety) Philippine lady who is in transition of becoming a style geek. She has a lovely blog where she posts on many different fashion related themes. One of the posts which I found really interesting was 20 Things We Should Have Known at 20. Mutzii and I sent a few emails back and forth and she is such a doll. I had an amazing time talking to her. Also, This Sunday, 10th of June is Mutzii's birthday so let's all not forget to stop by and wish her an awesome fashionista birthday and hope she has a lot of fun and loads to tell us by Monday.
Name: Mutzii

Blog name: Dress Up Mutzii

Where can we find you: In the capital region of the Philippines, Manila. For friends/ co-bloggers living across the sea, you can reach me via -
                                                         Skype: mutzii.kiirah
                                                         Email: mutchikita@zoho.com

What we can find on your blog: 
My 3 month old (almost 4) fashion blog is my virtual closet and diary. It chronicles the clothes, shoes and fashion-related stuff that I purchased and used. It tells you a story of an ordinary girl trying to survive her everyday struggles, which everyone can relate to. It also contains useful fashion, lifestyle and beauty tips which I got from reading a lot online. It's where I put my wishlist - and even build my own dreams.

Future plans regarding your blog: 
I'm looking forward to buy my own domain. But I'm just hesitant because as an SEO expert, I know, it would affect my global and regional ranking online. I would also like to redesign and restructure it, if I've got the time and if there are people/friends available who are willing to do this for me.

Some interesting things about you:
1. I hate the fact that I wasn't born tall and talented. My voice sounds like a tweeting bird, I dance like I've sprained my foot and I'm just so shy, so I know even if I have what it takes to ACT, I can't because it needs a bunch of GUTS to be and actress, right?
2. I'm small - 5feet 2 inches.
3. I'm cute like a cute KID, which is really not a good thing because whenever I want to wear something corporate, I end up trying hard to look older than I do. There was an instance that I was even asked to present an ID in a convenience store when I bought an alcoholic beverage, just to prove that I'm legal to drink beer already.

Looking for a new blog to read, go check out Mutzii, and don't forget to say hi.

{Thanks you so much Mutzii, you are a doll. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}


  1. hey great blog! would love it if you could follow back!

    Get Glam
    Get Glam
    Get Glam

  2. thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed reading her 20 things we should've known at 20. All of them make so much sense and are definitely things I still need to know and drill into my head haha. bookmarked the page for future reference :)


    1. Glad to hear that hun. More interesting bloggers to come. Have a great week. <3

  3. Thanks hun! I'm back in metro now, and just had time reading this featured post. This is such a touchy opportunity for bloggers like us.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for being such a dear one to me. :D

    Talk to you soon. Take care.


    1. Thank you sweety. I am glad to, it gives me the opportunity to meet so many amazing bloggers.
      Keep in touch hun. x


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