June 14, 2012

Mini Orly/Sparitual Haul

 This weekend I was out at our mall Riga Plaza and couldn't resist going in to Oniks Beta (again!). Well, as always once I got in, there was no going back. I needed to buy some new nail polish. Thing is, when I go into this store, I have no idea what color exactly I want because there are so many different lovely colors I would like. So as always I ended up buying not 1 but 4 new bottles of nail polish. They are all lovely shades which I will be wearing all summer. 
In general I like Orly, I usually put about 2 coats of it and it lasts quite a while if I don't do dishes and stuff like that. Anyway, here are the lovely colors I bought. Nail design using some or all of this nail polishes will be up later this week.

Mellow Sparitual nail polish and Orly lollipop
Orly Frisky and cotton candy nail polish

Have you ever used Orly nail polish? What is your favorite brand of nail polish?



  1. The colors are so happy! My favorite high end is definitely OPI, but I also like Petites. They are really cheap and two coats is just perfect! They have so many colors to choose from and last quite a while! :)


    1. That's cool. Thanks for your thoughts, I will be sure to get myself some OPI sometime. x

  2. love the pastel colors!!! ive never tried orly before but have heard really good things abut them.

    1. Yea, I think the little bottles are the best, cheaper and you can get more colors. You should try them. :) x

  3. Love the yellow color!


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