June 6, 2012

Wishlist for June

Wishlist for june ft OmgFashion, SoYouShoes, Glamorous and Funkydivaa
Firstly, I would like to say a big YAY! that it is finally summer. Still a bit cold here but, I've got my fingers crossed and can't wait for July because its tanning season here in Latvia. Those who have been in Latvia or heard something about it would probably know that we have a beach city called Jurmala. And during the summer its always full of lovely people sun bathing. I'm so excited! I can't wait.

And because I am hoping that summer will be extra warm and not so rainy, I have put together a few items from some amazing stores which I would like to have this month. They are all light, comfy and perfect for sunny days.

1. Floral wedge heel sandals - These look great with quite a number of pieces- shorts, a skirt, a dress. Add a straw bag and you are all set for a tanning session.

2. Nude chiffon max skirt - Lovely chiffon maxi skirt similar to the one in my last post. This skirt is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to get it in nude and maybe even turquoise and coral.

3. Ruffle flip flop sandals - I think these are an essential part of any girl's wardrobe. They go great with jean shorts and a basic shirt. I like to wear them on days when I'm not in a heel wearing mood.

4. Chiffon polka dot bow top in coral - This is a light blouse which I think would look great with a chiffon skirt for a chic look or with shorts for a more simple walk in the park look. 

5. Charlotte floral shorts - I have been on a search mission for floral shorts and pants for a while because I just couldn't find the ones I liked. These ones are great because you can wear them with tons of different colors.

6. Bright high stiletto heel shoes - Like a lot of girls, I am a big fan of stilettos. Bright or pastel. I wanted a yellow pair for summer, but now I found a pastel green pair in my size which I also like. Decisions, decision. *sigh*

7. Waterfall bright blue skirt - I don't currently have any of these but would really love to get one or two because I think they look great. I've seen them paired with different pieces and can't wait to try pairing one myself.

8. Cross print vest top - This is just a simple top I would like to wear with light jeans or shorts for a calm afternoon walk with my precious little dog Candy.

9. Strap back floral zip front bra top in red - Crop tops and bralets are everywhere this season. And if you are thinking you don't need one of these because you are at the office every day, well think again. Why not let out the inner you on the weekend by pairing this with a mini skirt, a maxi skirt, shorts and so many other options.

10. Pointed spike toe stiletto shoes - Spikes and studs are on all types of clothing now. Shoes, shorts, jackets etc. I've seen quite a number of pairs of shoes I would like with spikes/studs and these are one of them.

11. Coil spring jersey maxi dress - A late evening walk on the beach with hubby watching the sunset would be even more perfect in this lovely green dress. This dress is great for lazy but stylish afternoons/evening. Try it on with a pair of flip flops.

If you like this wishlist and would like any of these items, visit:
Items 1,3,6 and 10 are from SoYouShoes
Items 2 and 11 are from OmgFashion
Items 4,8 and 9 are from Funkydivaa
Items 5 and 7 are from Glamorous

Which item is your favorite on this list? What items are you loving at the moment?


  1. love all the things on your list, especially the two skirts xo


  2. I've heard of Jurmala, but have you been to a beach particularly in Riga? is it crowded too? love the maxi skirt, I bought a maxi dress myself today and I'm so in love with it I think I'm gonna make an outfit post. But we'll see:)

    1. Yea we have one in Bolderāja. Well, I guess it depends on the time of the week and the weather for all beaches in Latvia. If you go on a working day, there will be less people. During the weekend on the other hand, everyone is using the opportunity of a sunny day, so everyone goes to the beach.
      I can't wait for you to do an outfit post. It would be great :) x

  3. That's cool. Similar taste I can see. x


    I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Laine Blog Award.
    Check out my blog post for more info... :>

    Have a nice day. :>

    1. That's great hun. Thank you for nominating me for the Laine Blog Award. Checked your post. Would be sure to tag you once I post mine. <3

  5. love no. 10 heels!


  6. Cool list!


    Kisses from Italy


  7. Absolutely love that top...never heard of the brand before so thank-you for introducing me!!

    Lovely blog :) Now following

    1. That is awesome. I am so glad to help. Thank you for you lovely comment. I am following you on GFC. x


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