July 27, 2012

Feature Friday: Pleasure over Business

Say a big welcome to another lovely blogger. Her name is Emma and she runs Pleasure over Business. I love the name she picked out for her blog. It sounds great and is something quite a number of us can agree with. 
She blogs about fashion, but has other posts about food, reviews and the rest. I loved her shirt in her post Hawaii print, it is so summery. She also posted resently about what she thought of Rio 'Quick Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions'. I think they came out great and are easy to do. You should definitely check out her blog. She is so nice and sweet so don't forget to say hi.

Feature Friday, Pleasure over Business, Being Featured
Name: Emma Jennings

Blog Name: Pleasure over Business 

Where we can find you: Facebook

What we can find on your blog:
My blog is a mixture of lifestyle and fashion! I blog about things I am passionate for including street style, trends, my own personal style and also food! 

Future plans regarding your blog:
My blog at the moment is my main hobby, however in the future I hope to develop my blog and let it grow into a huge resource about fashion for other girls to enjoy!

Some Interesting things about you:
I study Fashion Communication & Promotion at University in Nottingham and was recently featured in their local newspaper for my blog! I've also lived in New Zealand and Singapore as a child, so I've been exposed to a lot of great cultures! 

If you would like an interesting new blogger friend or just a fashion read, check Emma out.

{Thank you Emma, it is great getting to know you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

July 26, 2012

Review: Cliven Natura Cocoa Butter Hand Cream

Today I am writing another review on a sample I got a while ago after a purchase at Disco cosmetics. I have never used this product or any product from this manufacturer before (at least I don't think I have). 

What the package says: Used regularly, the cocoa butter hand cream combats skin chapping, prevents its reddening and protects it from environmental aggression. It restores the natural softness of your hands day after day.

Since I just have a sample, I cannot tell you the results from continuous use, but I can tell you my results after a few days of use. When I first opened the package, I was overwhelmed by the smell. I love the smell of cocoa butter and the smell of the hand cream was amazing. I applied the product and after it my hands felt so soft therefore I do believe that if you use it continuously it should prevent chapping.

Cliven Natura Cocoa Butter Hand Cream
Cliven Natura Cocoa Butter Hand Cream Review

What do you think of this product? How long have you used it for?

July 25, 2012

Outfit Idea: Summer date night

It is summer and we are all super excited about that. It is warm in Latvia today and I thought it would be great if I gave my readers some inspiration for an outfit for a date night with your man. I have chosen for this outfit to include some simple pieces with accent on details. The way I see it, this outfit is perfect if you are going for a walk on the beach to watch the sunset, if you are going to a restaurant or even if you are just going to the movies. 
Outfit Idea: Summer date night

Long pleated skirt

Dorothy Perkins sleeveless top

Leather sandals

Mango engraved jewelry
$47 - mango.com

Charlotte Russe twist jewelry

Forever 21 ring

What do you think of this outfit?


July 24, 2012

Review: Beyu Lash energizer

A while ago I decided to get this Lash energizer Growth Activating Gel by Beyu. At first I was skeptical because I generally don't believe all this super expensive growth stuff for eyelashes. But then I thought - "oh whatever, it's 50% off and I don't have a base mascara at the moment" so I decided I would just try it out. I got this for a bit less than 5 LVL at Disco Cosmetics.

What the package says:
Lash energizer - nourishing eyelash gel for visibly longer, thicker and stronger lashes. Thanks to the novel multi-active complex consisting of a bio-energizer and peptides, the eyelash growth is doubled compared to natural growth already after a month of daily use.

The product is in the form of really soft gel that applies evenly on your lashes. It also gives them this shiny look if you don't apply anything on top. I don't know how much it helps my lashes grow at the moment, but I do like how my lashes look after them. I have been using it for a bit less than a week now. I usually apply it during the day before putting on my mascara and in my opinion it helps give my lashes a better look. But hopefully I don't forget to apply it before going to bed from now on.
Beyu Lash energizer review
Beyu product
Beyu growth activating gel brush

Here is how my lashes look with and without the product. In general I am happy I bought this, but let us wait about a month and see if my lashes get any longer. I will update you on this product in a month.

Also I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Lara J. for winning my giveaway. If you didn't win, don't worry, I will still have loads of giveaways. Thank you for following, I love you all. 

Have you used this product? What do you think?

July 20, 2012

Feature Friday: Trending Topic

Another week has gone by my lovelies and once again I am here to show you another interesting blogger whose blog you would want to check out. Our lovely bloggers name this week is Mila of Trending Topic. And when she says trending topic, she is absolutely not kidding. 
She writes about fashion in the world as we know it. I like to read her Color me post series which she started a while ago. The pictures she uses are so lovely and inspiring, I think it is a great way to start off a week. I love the collar details of the second outfit, and the rings are gorgeous. I was so excited to read her answers, we both love Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. That's so cool! She is a really sweet, gorgeous young lady. Get to know her better by reading what she told me.
Feature Friday: Trending Topic
Name:  Djamila  (Mila for friends)

Blog Name: Trending Topic

Blog URL: http://trendingt0pic.blogspot.pt/

Where we can find you: Facebook

What we can find on your blog:
My blog is all about fashion. Whether it is a trend, a collection or a designer. I'm also gonna try to start posting some outfit of the day posts.

Why you started blogging:
Ever since I got into 11Th grade in high-school, I knew I wanted to do Fashion Journalism. I've always loved fashion and everything about it, combining my two biggest passion (Journalism and Fashion) was something that could only make sense. I'm in college now so I decided it was about time for me to create a space where I could explore those passions and have total control of it. With my blog, I go the chance to play pretend that I'm a Fashion Journalist.

Some interesting things about you:
  1. I absolutely love blue lipstick. It's one of the best things invented beauty wise in my opinion. 
  2. I love to sing. I'm  always singing, even when I'm writing a post :)
  3. I have an obsession with Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars
  4. I'm a leopard print lover
  5. I was born in Angola (Africa)
  6. I live in Portugal (Europe) 
If you like to keep up to date with trends, then you should definitely check out Mila's blog.

{Thank you Mila. You have a lovely name and I am glad to get to know you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

July 19, 2012

Disco cosmetics and hobby style mini haul

Last weekend I didn't have much time for going out. But when I went out Sunday evening, I stopped by MOLS shopping center and visited Hobby Style and then couldn't stop myself from going into Disco Cosmetics. At hobby style, I got myself some pieces I needed to make myself some fun jewelry.

Then on my way out, I saw the sale going on in Disco Cosmetics and just had to check it out. They had from 20-50% off on some products from Be-yu and Makeup Factory. I got this Be-yu Lash Energizer with 50% off. I also got a free sample of the Cliven cocoa butter hand cream from Disco as well. But I got the Manhattan lipstick from Prisma in Riga Plaza, also with discount. So basically you can call last weekend a discount weekend.

What did you get last weekend?

July 17, 2012

How to place your blog button in your sidebar

Everyone needs a blog button. You can view my previous post here about what a blog button is, why you need it and how you can make one for yourself. 
Now to continue my post on blog buttons, I will be showing you how to place your button in your side bar with the text box below it so everyone can copy the html and place it on their blog.

Step 1
You would probably like to host the button online. I use photobucket and my explanations and screen shots will be based on that. So if you would like to follow me along with this, make an account on photobucket and then upload your button(s) in the size(s) you want to add to your blog.

Step 2
Open the "Albums" section of your photobucket and click on the row that says "HTML code". Good, if you saw "copied" quickly flash, this means you have just copied the html code of your button.
Copying the html code from photobucket

Step 3
Open your blogger account and go to layout.

Select layout

Step 4
Click on "Add a Gadget" and then select "HTML/JavaScript". A new window will pop up with empty fields.

Add a html gadget on blogger

Step 5
Insert the code which you copied from Photobucket by pressing "Ctrl+V" in the content field. I like to add "<center>" at the beginning and "</center>" at the end so the image is centered.

Paste the code from photobucket in html widget

Step 6
Highlight the entire text in the content field and click on "Rich Text". This will let you see the image the way it would look on your blog instead of seeing the html code.

Step 7
Highlight the image shown and click on the ball with chain. This will make a new window to pop up in which you will need to insert the URL to your blog. This is done so the image links to your blog when clicked and not to your photobucket.

How to make a blog button in your side bar

Step 8
Now we have to make the text box below the image so everyone can easily copy the code. For this, use the following code:

<center><textarea id="button-source" rows="4" cols="20" name="button-source">Paste html code from Photobucket here</textarea></center>

Just copy the code above and insert it into the content, delete the sentence written in red and paste the same code which you copied from photobucket. After inserting the code, click save.

How to make the textbox area below a blog button

End result
Here is what your end result should look like.
Making a blog button with text area for blog sidebar
I hope this has helped you in placing your own button in your sidebar. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact me.

July 16, 2012

Striped denim with a twist

If you follow me on twitter you probably know this weekend wasn't so much fun. I don't know if I should believe that was due to Friday the 13Th or just coincidence. But anyway,  between the rain and cleaning up broken glass, I was able to go out a bit yesterday in the evening. 
You have probably noticed that a lot of online stores are stocked with black and white stripes. If you follow celebrities news on Rihanna or Jessie J, you would have seen images where they were wearing the black and white stripes on different occasions. I love them both and decided to try styling these stripes myself. I didn't really want to get jeans in this design because I wasn't sure I would like it and didn't want to have wasted money on that, so when I found these leggings I was absolutely delighted. At the time, I wasn't sure how to wear striped leggings but as with all items, you try it out and see how it goes.
There are quite a number of ways I have thought of to wear these leggings, but it being a little bit cold yesterday, I decided to go with this look.

Black and white stripe leggings like Jessie J

Outfit details:
Bolero - Vero Moda
Top - Gift
Leggings - Omgfashion
Shoes - Unknown
Cross-body bag - Dorothy Perkins
Jewelry - Ebay

       I decided to mix black and white stripes with blue and denim. Because the blue I am wearing is light, this makes it look a bit boring. So I added my red and fuchsia color-block cross-body bag to add a pop of color.

How to style striped leggings or jeans
Yves saint laurent jewelry look-alike
Pink/red color-block bag or clutch and spiky bracelet
Demin crop bolero

What do you think of this look? Do you own any black/white stripe items?

July 13, 2012

Feature Friday: Fabulously Bold

This week I am featuring another lovely lady whose name is Alexis. She blogs over at Fabulously Bold where she writes about fashion and posts a lot of interesting outfits. She has such lovely style, its casual yet so pretty and fun. I love her ring in the first photo, it's so lovely. Her blue sweater in her post Pier 39 is absolutely beautiful and her outfit in her post Wranglers is gorgeous. I also love how she lines her eyes, she is such a cutey. I like that she is not always dressed in one style, one day she has more edge in an outfit, the other she is absolutely girly. It is so interesting to see what her next outfit would be like. We had a little chat and here is what she told me about herself.
Name: Alexis

Blog Name: Fabulously Bold

Where can we find you: Facebook

What is your blog about: My blog is about my personal style and daily adventures. 

What inspired you to start blogging: I started blogging because I was stuck at home during the summer with my passion for fashion, so why not? One of my good friends has her own fashion blog, and my best friend always suggested that I start my own blog. I wanted to be an inspiration to other people as well, not just the follower.

Some interesting things about you:
1. I will be studying in London next year as a freshmen at NYU.
2. I am from San Francisco.
3. I was a competitive cheerleader for 3 years in high school. 
4. I don't eat salad because it makes me feel like a giraffe.
5. I'm slightly germaphobic. 
6. I always wanted to be in the National Spelling Bee.
7. I've never seen snow before. 
8. I prefer fruity flavors over chocolatey/caramel/vanilla ones. 
9. My birthmark looks like a teddy bear's head, complete with eyes and a nose. 
10. I want two sons and a one daughter! =) 

If you would like some outfit inspirations, you definitely should check out her blog.

{Thank you Alexis. You are a doll, it is nice to know so many new things about you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

July 12, 2012

Homemade facial scrub

At one point in my life when I had a lot of free time, and by a lot I mean hours and hours. I researched a lot on homemade recipes and recently decided to try some of what I remember out and tell you about them. For those of you who like facial scrubs but do not want to spend a lot of money getting a facial at a spa, you definitely have to try this. I know a lot of people usually just mix 2 of the ingredients, but I like to add a little extra. Here is how I do mine.

Homemade facial scrub - sugar and honey

What you need:
    - Honey
    - Brown sugar
    - Olive oil (awesome for all skin types not just dry skin)
    - Lemon juice (lightens and brightens the skin)

    - Mix 1 tablespoon warm olive oil with 2 table spoons of brown sugar.
    - Add 1 tablespoon of honey.
    - 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
    - Mix well until a paste is formed.
    - Apply to clean damp face and gently scrub using circular motion for 1-2 minutes
    - Rinse off with warm water.

When making the mixture, you can change the proportion a bit, depending on the amount of scrub you need at the time. I like to mix less first, then if I feel it will not be enough, I can always add some more.

Have you tried this facial scrub before? What did you think?

July 10, 2012

How to make a blog button using Photoscape

Recently, quite a few friends asked me to help them make a blog button so I thought it would be nice if I made a tutorial on making a blog button.

"What is a blog button?" you may ask.

A blog button is basically an image which links to your blog from other sites and is available to other bloggers/readers in case they want to share your blog. 
Once you have a button you can then join other bloggers in swapping. By swapping I mean you place someone's button in your sidebar, in return they place yours in their sidebar. Easy as that.
This post will show step by step instructions with screen shots to help you out when you decide on making a blog button. If you would like me to upload a video, please let me know.

Important steps prior to making the button
  • Think about what image you would like to use for your button. If you need to take some pictures, go ahead.
  • Decide on what sizes of buttons you would like. I have noticed that square and rectangular buttons are both popular, so it is left to you to decide.
Step 1
Download and install Photoscape. This is a free photo editor. Quite easy to use and doesn’t cost you anything. Make sure you have about 18MB of space on your computer before downloading.

Step 2
Once you have installed Photoscape, open the software and pick "Editor". It should look like this:

how photoscape looks on opening

Step 3
Choose the image you would like to use from the list at the left. Because I have opened my image through photoscape before, I have it available a little bit below so I will just select it from there. You may want to crop your image at this point by going to the tab that says "crop" below the image.

opening an image in photoscape

Step 4
Because I am using a picture of myself, I will just add the blog name. I like to first make a slightly transparent box on which the text will later be put. This is because the blog name can be seen better when it is on a special background and not just on the image. To do this, select the box and pick the color you would like it to be, then adjust the opacity. I chose "Rose" for the color and moved opacity to about 60%.

How to make a blog button

Step 5
To insert the blog name, click on "T" at the bottom left of the screen. A new window will pop up to let you specify how you would like it to look. Pick the font in which you want the text to appear and the color. Maximum font size which can be chosen is "100" but this is not a problem because we will re-scale the text after.
If you would like to write a small description of the blog as I have done, you can insert 2 text areas so the Blog name is larger in size than the description.

Adding text to your blog button

Next we want to increase the size of the text. To do this, click on the bottom right size of the text area and drag to the right diagonally. 

How to make a button for your blog

Next we want to add the small description as previously mentioned. Proceed using same steps as with adding the blog name. Insert the text and then increase it in size by dragging.

how to make a blog button in photoscape

Step 6
Move the text the way you would like it to appear and then save the button.

Using photoscape to make a blog button

Final result
And voila, here is how your button looks in large format.

What is a blog button

Other tips:
  • Once your button is made, make sure to keep the large format safe. You can then re-size it and name it however it is comfortable for you to differentiate.
  • When cropping your image, try to crop it to the larger format proportionate to the size you want to use it for later. For example, if you intend to use this image for square buttons (200x200 or 100x100) then crop the image so the proportions are constrained (500x500 or 1000x1000).
I hope this helps a lot of new bloggers, let me know if I can do anything to help.

July 9, 2012

Liebster Award

I was just nominated for another award. It is so exciting to receive these award because it means people are actually thinking about you and believe your blog deserves it.
I would like to thank Gemma of Button's Blog for nominating me for this award. She is so sweet to have done so. So now you can read some more random things about me to get to know me better.

As I was nominated for this award, I must -
  • Write 11 things about myself!
  • Answer the questions the winner before me set, and make 11 new ones!
  • Choose 5 people I think deserve the award because of their great qualities!
  • Tell the people I nominated they have been nominated!
11 things about myself (totally random):
  • I have a yorkie named "Candy"
  • I study International Finance and Banking
  • I love all animals
  • I can't live without my iphone
  • Summer is my favorite season
  • My favorite ice cream is Cheesecake
  • I like to take walks on the beach and watch the sunset with hubby
  • I am getting very addicted to my laptop
  • I have a brother named Steve
  • I love my body just the way it is
  • I have so many plans for the future in my head.
Here are my answers to the questions set by the writer of Button's Blog:
  • What is your favorite color of lipstick and why? - My favorite color is red because it is bold and daring. Unfortunately it doesn't go with everything so sometimes I go for neutral.
  • How many mirrors are in your house? - Hanging mirrors 3. But then there are about 4 other smaller mirrors.
  • Gradual or Instant False Tan? I have no idea because I don't false tan. But if I had to pick, I guess gradual because it would seem more natural.
  • What color are your nails right now? No color. Going to paint them tonight
  • How do you store your makeup? I have some large makeup bags so I put my makeup in them. I store collections and everyday makeup separately.
  • Your favorite shoes EVER? (you could own them or just long for them) At the moment, I am totally dying to have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots or T- bar sandals.
  • Have you been to any gigs or concerts recently? Nope, but going for the Lady Gaga concert next month.
  • Who is your favorite member of the Royal Family? Without a doubt The Duchess of Cambridge - Catherine Elizabeth Middleton
  • Who is your inspiration? Kind of tough to pick just one person. I am inspired by a number of people and everything around me. 
  • What is your Favorite Song of all time? I don't have a favorite song
  • Where is your favorite Holiday Destination? Somewhere warm. Going back to Nigeria for holiday sounds great at the moment.
My 11 questions which my nominees should answer:
  • What is your favorite color at the moment?
  • Do you have any pets? 
  • Do you prefer lipgloss or lipstick?
  • Who is your style idol?
  • What is your favorite type of blogpost?
  • What can't you do without?
  • What is your favorite movie and why?
  • Favorite item of clothing?
  • Where are you going for vacation?
  • Would you rather wear heels or wedges?
  • Favorite beauty product?
Blogs I am nominating:
Lizee Barry of Vanity Frills
Fernanda of The Runway of Life
Kaylie of Pink Porcelain

Congratulations to all the nominees.

Review: Isadora Ice Cream Pink Lipstick

A while ago, a friend of mine was on vacation and wanted to do some shopping so she called me up. You know me, I'm always up for some shopping. So while we were at it, we decided to stop by Disco cosmetics and realized they were having a sale on Rimmel and Isadora products (not sure if it is still on but it was Rimmel - 0.99LVL and Isadora - 2.99LVL). I am always in the mood for new lipstick so I went for it. I tried on way too many colors and in the end stopped on the Isadora Ice Cream Pink.
Isadora Lipstick

I think the packaging of the lipstick is pretty simple. In my opinion, black is classy. I got this lipstick for 2.99LVL in Disco cosmetics but it generally costs about 10LVL at Kolonna. So I believe this lipstick was a total bargain for me.

Isadora Pink Lipstick Review
I love the name of the lipstick. It sounds so in place since it is summer and I am always craving ice cream. 

Isadora Ice Cream Pink Lipstick #80
Isadora Ice Cream Pink on skin
Here is how it looks on me. What I liked most about it is that it applies smoothly and is not sticky like some lipsticks are. Not sure this color looks that good on me, but I guess it depends what I am wearing. I think if I had lighter hair it may have looked better. But in general, I am happy with my purchase.

Isadora Ice Cream Pink on lips
Isadora Ice cream Pink Lipstick
Have you ever tried Ice Cream Pink? What do you think about how it looks on me?

July 6, 2012

Feature Friday: Little Latina Fashionista

Presenting.... A new feature on Cherryfashion. This week I am featuring the gorgeous Arantxa of Little Latina Fashionista. She has gorgeous taste and an amazing blog. I loved her outfit in post Neon Love. I think she looks great in her hat, and the colors are so cute. She blogs about fashion and beauty. She also recently started a group for College Fashion Bloggers on Facebook where young fashionista like her can get together. I think she is an absolute doll, here is what she told me about herself.
Name: Arantxa Rodriguez

Blog name: Little Latina Fashionista

Where we can find you: Twitter
                                                         Instagram: littlemisslatina
                                                         Youtube: PopPrincessNeko

What your blog is about: 
I love all thing fierce, fashionable, and fabulous! My blog definitely attests to that. My blog is all about the wonderful world we call Fashion, as well as, documenting the amazing world we live in and my adventures while I have the honor of inhabiting it. My blog posts usually include outfit of the day posts, lifestyle posts, haul posts, and a little peak into my "oh so interesting" life. :)

What inspired you to start blogging:
I first started blogging on my 19th birthday. However, the blog was not a fashion blog. It was more of a diary for my final year of being a teen. (I was ridiculously upset about turning 20!) From there my love of blogging grew! I decided to dedicate an entire blog to one of my passions- Fashion! And I haven't looked back. :)

Some interesting things about you:
Along with my passion for fashion, I am also intrigued by Public Relations. So much so that I started a PR blog! My dream is to work in Fashion PR, and, by George, I'm gonna do it! :)

If you would like to see different outfit ideas and some beauty tips, you definitely have to visit her blog.

{Thank you Arantxa, you are lovely and your style is so cute. It's a pleasure knowing you better. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}
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