July 4, 2012

6 shoe types every lady should own for summer

With all the raining going on in the past week, I was kind of thinking about what type of shoes everyone should have during the summer and in the end decided to do a post on it. Here is Latvia, summer isn't always super sunny, we have quite a lot of rainy days. Sometimes, when I get up for work in the morning, look at the weather report and see that it will rain all day. Well, it could be discouraging to wear your pretty heels and get them all wet and dirty. So I think everyone should own a pair of these for summer.
Studded Loafer Pumps via Runway Shoes
      Flats – These are versatile shoes which can be worn with almost any outfit and are perfect for days when you have a lot of running around the city to do. If you have to accomplish quite a number of tasks in a limited time frame, then these babies are definitely it. You wouldn’t want to be running down the street in super high heels and smiling while you are dying inside. Your outfit can look great not only in heels. Some people prefer ballet flats, pumps or loafers.
Floppy Flower Toepost via Oasis
      Flip flops – Flip flops are perfect for a casual look say if you are going for a walk on the beach or in the park, or even going shopping. They are comfortable to walk in and don’t keep digging into the sand or grass as you walk. They will look great with shorts, a summer dress or a skirt.
Extra High Heel Platform Glitter Shoes via SoYouShoes
       Killer heels – These are an absolute essential for those who feel comfortable walking in heels. I know there are quite a few people who would rather pick another pair of shoes. These look great with anything - jeans, a skirt, shorts or a dress. The heels you pick can either make or break an outfit.
Leopard print trainers via Dorothy Perkins
       Snickers – Even if you don’t usually go for jogs, it is important to have a pair of snickers lying around. They are super comfortable. I personally like to put them on when I need to quickly run out of the house to get something when it’s not warm enough for flip flops or if it’s raining lightly. Some people also like creepers.
High Wedge Heel Ankle Strap Sandals via SoYouShoes
      Wedges – These are a perfect substitute for ladies who aren’t so keen on walking in heels. They are easy to balance on and usually come in tones of different colors and designs. I like the floral ones for summer because I think they are fun.
Rain boots via Endless
        Cute Rainy boots - In my opinion, if you live somewhere with not such a great climate and it rains often like Latvia or England, then you definitely have to have one of these. These are great when it pouring outside and you have to go out of the house. They are also useful in Latvia when the snow starts to melt in the beginning of spring, and there are pools everywhere.

     What shoes do you think is an absolute must in your closet for summer? What do you like to wear during the summer?


  1. You listed some very cute shoes! :) Rain boots are a MUST wear I live in the spring! But mainly because my campus floods! I love heels and wedges! Wedges strike me as slightly more casual, and heels for if you are going to a fancy dinner, or somewhere you don't have to walk around a lot! ;)

    -Lil Miss Latina

    1. Aww, I know what you mean. What color are your rain boots? Yea, I agree that wedges are more casual, but if your outfit is very simple, heels can help make it look more classy. :) x

  2. I am a flats kind of girl. But then again, it never rains or gets cold in Portugal in the Summer...In England I had my rain boots too but Summers weren't too bad in Brighton and I would wear my ballet pumps. I think that wedges are a great idea, particularly if it's warm but wet. Also, you can always keep a pair of nice heels at work so you can change into those when you get there :)

    1. Haha, I think summer in Portugal should be all about wedges and sandals. Yea, I agree about the wedges, because of the platform, your feet don't get wet. Yay! Lots of people keep heels at work, great tip for those who get tired in heels, thanks. x

  3. I love loafers,they are so comfy and so in style :)


    1. I totally agree with you. Lusting over the studded ones in this post. x

  4. I love your shoes! Nice post!
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    1. Thanks gorgeous. i will definitely stop by your blog. x


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