July 26, 2012

Review: Cliven Natura Cocoa Butter Hand Cream

Today I am writing another review on a sample I got a while ago after a purchase at Disco cosmetics. I have never used this product or any product from this manufacturer before (at least I don't think I have). 

What the package says: Used regularly, the cocoa butter hand cream combats skin chapping, prevents its reddening and protects it from environmental aggression. It restores the natural softness of your hands day after day.

Since I just have a sample, I cannot tell you the results from continuous use, but I can tell you my results after a few days of use. When I first opened the package, I was overwhelmed by the smell. I love the smell of cocoa butter and the smell of the hand cream was amazing. I applied the product and after it my hands felt so soft therefore I do believe that if you use it continuously it should prevent chapping.

Cliven Natura Cocoa Butter Hand Cream
Cliven Natura Cocoa Butter Hand Cream Review

What do you think of this product? How long have you used it for?


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