August 16, 2012

Dorothy Perkins haul

I was on Dorothy Perkins a while ago and saw some amazing items. They have a sale going on and I think the items I got are a total bargain. There are still a lot of items available in the sale, so if you are trying to save up but still want to get yourself something new, go check it out.

1. Tan and leopard bar sandals - I have wanted tan sandals or flats for a while now, but I couldn't find the ones I really liked. So when I saw these cuties in the sale for £5 I was super excited. They are tan, leopard and gold.

Tan and leopard bar sandals, leopard sandals, tan sandals, dorothy perkins

2. Pink Lace Back Tee - I thought this tee was very interesting because from the front, it looks like just a basic tee, but then when you turn around people can see that you back is covered in lace. The lace gives it a more feminine and  chic look. This tee cost £5.

Pink lace back tee, lace back, pink tee, dorothy perkins

3. Mint Zig Zag Vest - At first, for some reason I thought that this vest was more simple. But then when I got it, I saw that it was made of glittery fabric, which instantly made it a more going out kind of item in my closet. Of course you can dress it down by adding basic jeans and flip flops for a more casual look. It cost only £4.

Mint zig zag vest, dorothy perkins, mint vest

4. Gold Bling Aviators - This was the last item I got. Hubby recently liked my sun glasses so much that he took them, so I was in desperate need of new sun glasses. I am a big fan of avaitors, so when I saw these for £5, I knew I had to get them. They would look great with my everyday outfits since I mostly wear gold.

Gold bling avaitors, dorothy perkins, aviators, sun glasses

You will definitely see these items in outfit posts later once I find someone who can take some photos of me. I love all the items. 

What do you think of the items I picked out? 


  1. I love this brand. They are my go to for great dresses and I have already done my sale scoop.


    1. I love them too. They tend to have amazing sales which I am always a part of. x

  2. That pink lace tee is gorgeous! I love Dorothy Perkins :) xo

    1. Thanks. I can't wait to wear it in an outfit post.

  3. I love this shoes...
    I will follow your blog...

  4. I love everything you bought(:

  5. I love seeing haul posts! Some great buys you got there.


  6. hiya! i have nominated you for the liebste blog awards :) please take a look at the post and leave a comment so i know youve seen it :) xxx

  7. Great findings, my love!

    Have a happy weekend, love!!!


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