August 31, 2012

Feature Friday: EllieCreation

I missed a few features because I was on vacation. Sorry for that, but this week I am back with another  feature. Her name is Ellie and she blogs at EllieCreation. She is a sweet, lovely blond who I have had fun chatting with on twitter. I am glad I follow her blog and twitter, she is great. 
Her blog design is so cute and shows her personality. She has a lot of beauty product reviews, so if you are looking to buy something, make sure you check out her opinion. I liked her post Lemon Sherbet, I could just imagine how the tutti fruity lip gloss would smell, and the lemon sheer nail polish is absolutely adorable. I also think that the matte lipstick in her post Pretty in Pink is gorgeous.

Feature Friday on Cherryfashion: Ellie Creation

Name: Ellie

Blog Name: EllieCreation

Where we can find you (links): Twitter

Tell me about your blog: 
My blog started way back when i began youtubing; which was around 2011. I remember creating my first blog post and i was completely unsure on what i was doing the whole design and what i would feel my target audience would like to read and hear about. From this i focused more onto YouTube until 2012 when a lot changed for me personally. So much had happened, with my grandfather in end of life care and my own self suffering with depression, i felt at a loss and kept my distance from the YouTube scene. This is when i felt i could type more and express myself better than being sat infront of my camera and from this i spent more of my time focusing on my blog. Enjoying talking about all my passion of things cute, fashion and beauty and step into my own space for those few moments. Blogging is bliss to me.

What you love about blogging: 
I love that i can express my thoughts on products, That i have met so many wonderful bloggers along the way, that companies have had interest in what i wrote also which i never thought would happen! and i love to be creative when designing the layout and even more so the photography side of it all!

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: I'm hoping some point soon to include more for the fashion side of things which will of course show more of me in the pictures so the audience can see who is typing! hehe; I just hope to be that sort of blog that when you want to relax for a while, catch up on something that bit different and not what everyone blogs about that they can come to my blog and expect an enjoyable read where i can be myself and relate to the reader. And lastly to host giveaways to thank my audience and followers for their support and give something back to them :) & to hope meet bloggers in person!

Some Interesting things about you:
- Very creative
- Loves kawaii and would love to travel to Japan and go to Tokyo!
- Big fan of all things vintage and shabby chic
- Favourite era is the 1940s/1950s
- Actually quite shy in person surprisingly :]
- Hoping to go far within the make-up industry some day
- Wants to become a full time blogger in time
- Will be spreading awareness on mental health and dementia

Want to buy a new product but are not sure what the outcome will be? Check out Ellie's blog!

{Thank you Ellie for joining me in Feature Friday, It was a pleasure getting to know you better. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

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