October 30, 2012

Sponsor Call for November

       Is it really November already? I can't believe how fast this entire year has flown. Soon it will very cold here in Latvia. And by very cold I mean the type that makes you want to stay at home snuggled under your blanket all day sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows. And while I am freezing over here, I would like to invite you to sponsor Cherryfashion.
Sponsor Call, Sponsor Cherryfashion, Sponsor the blog, ad spaces, fashion ads
       If you have a small business, an etsy shop or a blog, let's work together. There are different ad spaces available and would love for you to advertise on Cherryfashion. Ad space prices set are made fully affordable for small businesses and blog owners. Check out my sponsor page for all the details. All the money gotten from sponsors of this blog will be put into giving the blog more exposure and as such your ad will get more exposure as well.

Use code 'SUNNY' for 20% off on your November ad.

Available spots:
X-Large (200x300)  - Top spot for 30days
                                                - Optional personal spotlight/giveaway
                                                - Social Media shout outs
Large (200x200) - Appears below X-Large ad.
                                          - Rotates on each load
                                          - Optional group spotlight/ giveaway
                                          - Social Media shout outs.
Medium (200x150) - Appears below large ads.
                                                - Social media  shout outs.
Small (100x100) - Appears below paid ads
                                        - Free with button swap.

I would love for you to sponsor. Email me if you have any questions.

October 26, 2012

Feature Friday: Pastel Bokeh

       This week I would like to welcome the lovely Annalise of Pastel Bokeh. I have not known her for so long but I really like her and her blog. She is so nice and sweet. Her blog is mainly about fashion with so many interesting posts about clothes, jewelry and other items. I love her posts Designer vs Deal. You can get the same items for a fraction of the price. I am glad she is going to be posting more on this topic because let's admit it, we don't all have enough money to buy all the things we would like...So we make do with what we can afford and look as fabulous as ever!
Feature Friday: Annalise from Patel Bokeh, Featurefriday on Cherryfashion.

Name: Annalise

Blog Name: Pastel Bokeh

Where we can find you (links): Twitter

Tell me about your blog: My blog is a fashion blog with a few hints of beauty posts. I post about my purchases, discount codes, affordable designer dupes, and street style photos, among others.

What inspired you to start blogging: I have been reading blogs since like forever. Then one day I said, I would love to share my ideas and my own purchases with the world. So I gave it a go.

What you love about blogging: What I mostly love is sharing discount codes with my readers, as who doesn’t love to spend a little less on an item? I also love interacting with other bloggers and seeing everyone’s personal view/touch on fashion related stuff.

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: I’m thinking of introducing guest posts on my blog, and also planning to make my Designer vs Deal post occur more often on my blog since my readers love it.

What are your favorite products/stores: I love blazers, shoes, and jewellery. With regards to stores, my favourites are Urban Outfitters and ASOS. I only shop at Urban Outfitters when I’m on holiday in the UK or somewhere else where there’s an UO store, since they don’t have a shop in my country! Then there are a good number of online jewellery stores, such as Regal Rose and I love Crafty. Take a look at my blog for more as I often write posts about jewellery stores.

Some Interesting things about you: I am a 21 (22 on November 10th) year old from Malta, but want to live in Ireland. As you may already know, I am a shoes and cat addict, I love travelling, and am an aspiring photographer.  One of my childhood dreams came true last May when I met my all-time favourite band, Westlife.

       Annalise currently has a giveaway in collaboration with RedRock on my blog where you can win £65 worth of vouchers from redrockfashion.com. They’ve got some pretty gorgeous clothes. Click here for more information and to join. 
    She also has a Motel Rocks discount code. All you have to do is enter the code annalisegrech at checkout to get a whopping 30% discount on your order! This discount is only valid till 31stOctober though, and cannot be used on sale items. After the 31st, you can use the same code (annalisegrech) and get 20% off your orders. The 20% discount does not have an end date! 

If you would like to see interesting fashion posts and discount codes, visit Pastel Bokeh.

{Thank you Annalise for letting me get to know you and introducing you to my friends. I am sure they will love you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

October 25, 2012

Outfit Idea: Off to the Movies

       Another Outfit Idea post for you my lovelies. I am heading to the movies this Friday with a bunch of co-workers to watch Skyfall after work. I love James Bond! I am so excited for this and as such was inspired to make this post.
       The items picked are trendy but at the same time comfortable for an evening at the movies after a very very long week. Beige compliments red which is why I think this outfit would look amazing.
Outfit Idea, Going to the movies, Colored Jeans, Leopard scarf, Studded Handbag, Nude sweater, Polyvore

What do you think of this outfit? What is your idea of a comfy outfit for a movie?
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October 22, 2012

Exclusive Jewelry from JUWL Boutique

       Today my lovely readers, I am presenting to you a store you have never seen but will love once you see it. The store is called "JUWL Boutique" and is run by my lovely friend Julie. She makes amazing bracelets and earrings from precious and semi-precious stones. They are all handmade and as you know every stone is different in its own way, therefore each bracelet is unique. Even if there are 2 bracelets made of the same stones, they will still be different as each stone varies slightly in color, texture and shape.
       If you remember my post The Wedding by the Seaside, I wore a white bracelet which was marked as courtesy of the bride. That bracelet is made of white sponge coral beads. Julie has officially opened an etsy store where you can all buy some beautiful exclusive jewelry.
Her bracelets are made of different stones such as:
   - Green Malachite
   - White sponge coral
   - Lilac agate
   - Sand stone
   - Indian agate
and so many others so if you like unique jewelry, go check out her store and Facebook page.
JUWL Boutique, bracelets, semi-precious stone bracelets, unique bracelets, white sponge agate, sand stone, indian agate. green malachite, lilac agate
If you like these bracelets and would like to buy one, visit JUWL Boutique.
Like JUWL Boutique on Facebook.

What do you think of these bracelets?
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October 15, 2012

Stay healthy this Autumn/ Winter

About a week ago, hubby had a cold and right before that, I had one. It feels absolutely awful, especially if you cannot lay in bed all day. That itchy feeling in your throat, the constant thumbing in your head, not being able to breathe through your nose... We have all been there.
I have a certain recipe which I prepare all the time and have stored in my refrigerator just in case I feel I might be getting a cold. I also like to use it in early Autumn when the weather is playing tricks on you. I call it the ginger mix. I got this from recipe from my mum who has been using it for I really don't know how long. Feels like every anyway.
Being healthy is the most important thing in our daily lives, therefore I would like to share this recipe with you. I know you may not like it at first because it has a specific taste to it. But if you are not allergic to ginger then I really think you should try it out. I didn't like it either first time I tasted it. I was a kid and thought it tasted absolutely horrible. Over the years, I got used to it. And right now, It's nothing special.
Ginger mix, cure for cold, cold remedy, home made cols syrup.
How to make a ginger mix, how to stay healthy, how to get rid of cold
Here is a step by step instruction on how to make it:
Step 1 - Buy ginger and honey in your local food store if you don't have any at home.
Step 2 - Pull off as many bulbs as you need then clean the ginger roots by cutting off the brown skin with your knife. Do not grate it all together because the skin is really woody.
Step 3 - Grate the ginger so it is in the form of 
Step 4 - Add honey to the grated ginger. Depending on the amount you are making, you want the honey to be enough to mix with the grated ginger. The amount of honey you use also depends on how you like your tea. Personally, I like mine sweet so I use quite a lot. For 2 cloves, try 2-3 tablespoons of honey.
Step 5 - Mix this all together
Step 6 - Transfer this mixture to a jar and store it in your refrigerator. 
       Whenever you feel you are getting a bit of a cold, take 1 teaspoon of this mixture and put it in your tea instead of the usual sugar/ honey you use. Drink your tea this way as many times as you feel required.

Have you tried this mixture before? Any mixture you think is great for curing/ preventing a cold?

October 12, 2012

Feature Friday: Style Quandary

This week, I am welcoming the lovely Katie of Style Quandary. She is kind and sweet. She made my day last month by leaving e a lovely comment. I am very grateful for that. 
She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. I like that once you open her page, you can see clearly what her blog is about. She wrote a post lately on Printed Trousers which has some very lovely prints. And my all time favorite post is Each Peach Cake, every time I look at it I want to put my hand into the screen and take a piece. Haha! The cake looks absolutely yummy.

Name: Katie Pearce

Blog Name: Style Quandary

Where we can find you (links): Bloglovin'

Tell me about your blog:           
Style Quandary is an eclectic mix of personal style and articles which explore trends and high fashion. There are also sections on food and travel, with a home design section currently being developed.

What inspired you to start blogging:
I’m inspired by colour and prints and my own wardrobe is a mix of vintage, high street and designer. My favourite piece is a 1930s wool cropped jacket that I found at Glebe market in Sydney; the jacket was made by the tailoring division of the first department store to open in Sydney and is a one of a kind, a bargain at $30! I’m interested in what influences people’s style, referring back to iconic eras such as the 1920s and 1950s, however, I’m also attracted to modern fashion which pushes boundaries, such as Proenza Schouler. I’ve also done a little bit of modelling and really enjoy getting dressed up! 

What you love about blogging:
Blogging is a great way to express yourself; it provides a platform to explore lots of different interests and mediums, affording you the opportunity to engage with people who share similar passions to you.

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
I’m keen to include another Open Wardrobe feature with pictures from AW12. I've also just published Style Quandary’s first guest post from the talented make-up artist, Frankie Laborda, and would love to explore more guest blogging opportunities. I’m working on some “How to” articles too!

Some Interesting things about you:
I grew up in the middle of a field in Somerset (in a house, not tucked under a bushel). After a few years of city life (Sydney, Cardiff and Cambridge), I’ve just moved back to the countryside, to a small town just outside of Oxford. I’m a huge fan of Australian fashion which I think is the right mix of chic fun. I enjoy old movies (To Catch a Thief is one of my favourites), cooking, running, and returning to Somerset to walk my Gran’s crazy chocolate Labrador. Oh and I’m just about to complete a history MA! 

If you would like to see interesting fashion and lifestyle posts, visit Style Quandary.

{Thank you Katie for letting me feature you. It was a pleasure. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

October 9, 2012

Riga Fashion Mood Outfit

My previous post was about the clothing of Latvian designers at Riga Fashion Mood, and now the details of my outfit to the show.
I wore an over-sized jumper with aztec print leggings and Jeffrey Campbell Lita look-alikes. I am a sucker for JC Litas and if I could, I would already own the originals in different styles. But at the moment I am sticking to lookalikes. I absolutely love the combination of my outfit. I felt so fabulous, it was amazing. I am so glad we went for this event. A big thank you to Julia, love her loads.

How to style aztec print, Oversized jumper, Riga Fashion Mood, Outfit idea, Fashion show, print leggings, motel rocks leggings, JC lookalikes
Outfit details:
Jumper - H&M
Leggings - Motel Rocks
Boots - Ebay
Bag - Gift
Scarf - Gift
Bracelets - Dorothy Perkins and Gift
Watch - Asos
Accessories to match aztec print, beige watch, asos watch, aztec iphone case
Jeffrey Campbell Lita look-alikes, White and beige bag, Accessories, Riga Fashion Mood
Riga Fashion Mood, Aztec print, Oversized Jumper, print leggings, how to look great

What do you think of my outfit?

October 7, 2012

Autumn Riga Fashion Mood

This week was Riga Fashion Mood week and there were shows from the 4th till the 6th of October. I attended the show which was on the 4th of October. That day, the show was about 7 different Latvian designers:
     - Liva Saule
     - Edite Treija
     - MilA Ludmila Kruglika
     - Kristiana Kalnina
     - Marika Dzule
     - Reinis Ratnieks & Daiga Zvirgzdina
     - Zane Poriete

I attended the event with a friend and we had an amazing time. I love the colorful clothing in Kristiana Kalnina's collection. It is gorgeous! My friend and I thought I could have joined the models because my outfit matched their colors. Haha! That would have been great. Always dreamed of being a model sometime. Here are some of the pictures I took of the show. Enjoy!
Riga Fashion Mood, Liva Saule Clothing
Liva Saule Clothing
Marika Dzule Collection, Riga Fashion Mood, Beige outfits, Latvian designers
Marika Dzule's Collection
Kristiana Kalnina Collection, Riga Fashion Mood, Latvian designers, Colorful outfits
Kristiana Kalnina's Collection
Kristiana Kalnina Collection, Riga Fashion Mood, Latvian designers, Colorful outfits, Latvian Fashion
Kristiana Kalnina's Collection
Edite Treija Collection, Riga Fashion Mood, Latvian designers, Latvian Fashion
Edite Teija's Collection
Edite Treija Collection, Riga Fashion Mood, Latvian designers, Horse head, Latvian Fashion
Edite Teija's Collection
What do you think of the Latvian Collections?

October 5, 2012

Feature Friday: Are We On Time?

This week I am featuring an amazing blogger who is new to the whole scene but will definitely make an impact. The lovely, the amazing Zoe of Are We On Time?. She writes about fashion and I really liked the photos from her post on London Fashion Week. She is not only a blogger, but a singer as well. After I got her entry, I watched a few of her videos and I loved them. She has such a lovely voice; you should definitely listen to her on youtube.

Name: Zoe

Blog Name: Are We On Time?

Where we can find you: Bloglovin

Tell me about your blog:
Are We On Time is a blog about Fashion: personal style, trends, designers etc, but it's not just a fashion blog. I write about photography, arts and music too, in an attempt to show that, although it is important how you present yourself, fashion isn't the only important thing. I don't know how successful I am though!

What inspired you to start blogging:
I actually had a blog before this one called Intrepid Inspirations, which I started whilst on my travels in Israel to keep my friends at home updated. But it fell by the wayside when I got back home and started university.
I'm not really sure how I got back into blogging, but I decided to take a different approach this time. My first few posts had nothing to do with fashion, and I took a more loquacious path to my posts instead of just posting pictures. I also adopted a different photo editing style which you can see in a few of my posts.
This has actually been a pretty longwinded way of saying that a friend of a friend has a blog called Devil's in the Detail, and she inspired me to start my first blog.

What do you love about blogging:
I love the community sense, and the fact that you can look at hundreds of blogs and keep finding the same ones coming back around - it means that they're all connected. I also love how much attention people pay to other people's blogs.
It has also given me the opportunity to do some writing for online magazines, which I wouldn't have been offered were it not for my blog.

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
Wow, I don't really know at the moment. I guess I should have some aims..!
What I would really like to do is be able to widen my audience further than fashion readers. I want photographers, food-lovers and art fanatics to read it.
I've just started have guest posts from people and have had many more responses than I expected to get, which is great! (Happy to accept entries, though I can't guarantee all will be posted!)
I'd also like to have a meetup with British bloggers, because the US gets all these conferences and I can't go that far to get to them! So if there are any London based bloggers who would like to help me organise something, let me know!

Some interesting things about me:
I saw an article in a London magazine talking about "Slashies", young people who have multiple jobs because of the current economic climate! I haven't got a job at the moment, but I see myself as a future-slashie, if that's a thing! I am also a singer and write my own music (http://www.youtube.com/user/ZoeRpaskett?feature=mhee) and that's my big passion.

Other interesting things about me:
1. I study Anthropology and have become one of those annoying people who see it everywhere and keep talking about it...
2. I prefer frozen yoghurt to ice cream
3. I have no pets, but have my next name prepared should I get one soon: Dennis Linderhill.

If you would like to see some extra ordinary style, or if you need inspiration, visit Stef and Jess.

{Thank you Zoe, it was nice to read so much about you. I feel like I know you much better now. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

October 4, 2012

The wedding by the seaside

This is what I wore to a friend's wedding which was on the 4th of August. I have been wanting to paste these photos for like ever. I paired this lovely embellished green blouse with a dip hem mint skirt and beige accessories. The wedding was by the seaside and it was absolutely fabulous. It was definitely one of the best days of my life. I will always remember how much fun I had.

How to style a mint skirt, how to wear a dip hem skirt, high-low mint skirt
Outfit details:
Top - Asos
Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - Gift
Bracelet - Courtesy of the bride
Watch - Asos
Mint outfit, by the sea, embellished mint blouse
How to wear mint green, high-low skirt.

What do you think of my outfit?

October 1, 2012

Get the Look: Ashley Benson in mint and black

Get the look Ashley Benson, Ashley Benson, Hannah Marin, Hannah Marin in Mint and Black
Mint Ruffle Top - $17 Black Skirt - $4.85 Blazer - $55 Shoes - $47 Bag - $45 Necklace - $19.40 Earrings - $14.54
Everyone who loves fashion has most likely seen the TV series Pretty Little Liars. Well, I love it and I though it would be great to do a get the look on Hannah Marin's outfit this time. Ashley Benson who is actually known as Hannah Marin in the TV series has definitely got style. I would describe her style as trendy and girly. She loves colors and uses a lot of blues because it compliments her hair color and looks absolutely amazing on her.
I don't actually have a favorite in the PLL characters  but I do like Hannah a lot. She always has amazing outfits and I like the role she plays. I think she and Caleb look absolutely adorable together.
I picked out this look and have chosen items which you can use to recreate it but at a much lower cost. The total cost of the items I picked out is approximately $202.79. The outfit looks sophisticated and at the same time not very official due to the black mini skirt. I think it is great and would totally wear this type of outfit myself.

Do you like Pretty Little Liars? What do you think about Hannah's outfit?
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