October 26, 2012

Feature Friday: Pastel Bokeh

       This week I would like to welcome the lovely Annalise of Pastel Bokeh. I have not known her for so long but I really like her and her blog. She is so nice and sweet. Her blog is mainly about fashion with so many interesting posts about clothes, jewelry and other items. I love her posts Designer vs Deal. You can get the same items for a fraction of the price. I am glad she is going to be posting more on this topic because let's admit it, we don't all have enough money to buy all the things we would like...So we make do with what we can afford and look as fabulous as ever!
Feature Friday: Annalise from Patel Bokeh, Featurefriday on Cherryfashion.

Name: Annalise

Blog Name: Pastel Bokeh

Where we can find you (links): Twitter

Tell me about your blog: My blog is a fashion blog with a few hints of beauty posts. I post about my purchases, discount codes, affordable designer dupes, and street style photos, among others.

What inspired you to start blogging: I have been reading blogs since like forever. Then one day I said, I would love to share my ideas and my own purchases with the world. So I gave it a go.

What you love about blogging: What I mostly love is sharing discount codes with my readers, as who doesn’t love to spend a little less on an item? I also love interacting with other bloggers and seeing everyone’s personal view/touch on fashion related stuff.

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: I’m thinking of introducing guest posts on my blog, and also planning to make my Designer vs Deal post occur more often on my blog since my readers love it.

What are your favorite products/stores: I love blazers, shoes, and jewellery. With regards to stores, my favourites are Urban Outfitters and ASOS. I only shop at Urban Outfitters when I’m on holiday in the UK or somewhere else where there’s an UO store, since they don’t have a shop in my country! Then there are a good number of online jewellery stores, such as Regal Rose and I love Crafty. Take a look at my blog for more as I often write posts about jewellery stores.

Some Interesting things about you: I am a 21 (22 on November 10th) year old from Malta, but want to live in Ireland. As you may already know, I am a shoes and cat addict, I love travelling, and am an aspiring photographer.  One of my childhood dreams came true last May when I met my all-time favourite band, Westlife.

       Annalise currently has a giveaway in collaboration with RedRock on my blog where you can win £65 worth of vouchers from redrockfashion.com. They’ve got some pretty gorgeous clothes. Click here for more information and to join. 
    She also has a Motel Rocks discount code. All you have to do is enter the code annalisegrech at checkout to get a whopping 30% discount on your order! This discount is only valid till 31stOctober though, and cannot be used on sale items. After the 31st, you can use the same code (annalisegrech) and get 20% off your orders. The 20% discount does not have an end date! 

If you would like to see interesting fashion posts and discount codes, visit Pastel Bokeh.

{Thank you Annalise for letting me get to know you and introducing you to my friends. I am sure they will love you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}


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