October 30, 2012

Sponsor Call for November

       Is it really November already? I can't believe how fast this entire year has flown. Soon it will very cold here in Latvia. And by very cold I mean the type that makes you want to stay at home snuggled under your blanket all day sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows. And while I am freezing over here, I would like to invite you to sponsor Cherryfashion.
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       If you have a small business, an etsy shop or a blog, let's work together. There are different ad spaces available and would love for you to advertise on Cherryfashion. Ad space prices set are made fully affordable for small businesses and blog owners. Check out my sponsor page for all the details. All the money gotten from sponsors of this blog will be put into giving the blog more exposure and as such your ad will get more exposure as well.

Use code 'SUNNY' for 20% off on your November ad.

Available spots:
X-Large (200x300)  - Top spot for 30days
                                                - Optional personal spotlight/giveaway
                                                - Social Media shout outs
Large (200x200) - Appears below X-Large ad.
                                          - Rotates on each load
                                          - Optional group spotlight/ giveaway
                                          - Social Media shout outs.
Medium (200x150) - Appears below large ads.
                                                - Social media  shout outs.
Small (100x100) - Appears below paid ads
                                        - Free with button swap.

I would love for you to sponsor. Email me if you have any questions.

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