November 30, 2012

Feature Friday: Elizabeth's beauty

       Welcome my darlings to another week of Feature Friday. This week I have a surprise for you. You get to meet 2 bloggers at once! This is the 2nd time I have had such an opportunity. Are we lucky or what?!
       So I present to you Ana and Toni of Elizabeth's Beauty. These lovely ladies are both working together and having a great time running their blog. They are absolutely amazing. They have a lot of both fashion and beauty posts. I really liked their Discount Craze posts, although it did make me want to purchase half the items I found. I love the pictures they sent me, so much edge... Anyway, get to know these amazing ladies by reading what they told me.
       While I am at it, I would like to say a huge thank you to Ana for the support she has given me since she found my blog. It feels absolutely amazing and I am glad that we are blogging friends.

What Ana told me:

Name: Ana Elizabeth Aguila

Blog name: Elizabeth's Beauty

Where we can find you (links): Facebook
                                                                          Online Store

Tell me about your blog: 
Well I started the blog over a year ago now, 18th September 2011, after being inspired by blogs that I used to read. I used to/still do read Viva Adonis, Adoreabubbles, Dolly Rouge and many more that I can't think of right now. But those would have been the three main ones I used to read. I thought that maybe my opinion and tips or advise on products I've tried and have would be useful and helpful to other people out there reading. At first I wanted it to be a beauty blog concentrating on reviews and all that and also I was an Avon Rep and thought that I could help in deciding what products are worth buying,in my opinion. I not only love beauty and make up but I love fashion so it was inevitable that I started to post about what I love be it the trends or the new shops or new clothes out there that I think people will like and also any offers available. I wanted to share my love of fashion also. I love fashion so much that I started my own store...hope to make and have gorgeous one of a kind pieces there. The blog now is more kind of fashion than beauty but I do still have those odd posts about beauty products. I just set it up to try and help others with their decisions and also with discounts :)

What inspired you to start blogging: 
Like I said above, other bloggers and the help they give us.

The impact of blogging on your life: 
Impact...hmmm...I'm broke more often now haha. I really have a shopping addiction. But there's soooo many gorgeous clothes and shooooeeeesss....ahhhhh *drools. I need a bigger closet actually. But apart from that another impact or could I call it is talking to other great bloggers and making friends :)

Ideas/ Plans regarding your blog:
I hope to do more streetstyle posts, I've done one so far :/ But I do want to have more of those posts and maybe hopefully Toni and I could cover some Fashion weeks...maybe. Hopefully anyways! Oh! and have more outfit posts! I badly need a photographer...anyone wanna be my photographer? For free though :)

What are your favourite products/ stores: 
Am... I love MAC lipsticks and love YSL products and their packaging is gorgeous! Clothes... I love Unif! Zara and Urban Outfitters are great stores even is they are god damn expensive! :/ I also love Motel Rocks. Their stuff is amazing! You can get 20% off thier clothes with my code elizabethsbeauty :)

Some interesting things about you: 
Am I love nature, photography and all spooky eerie things. I love to go into the woods and just be one with nature kind of. I feel at peace there also another place that is peaceful for me is the graveyard. Toni and I used to go to one particular graveyard in town and it's lovely there. I love my two cats and couldn't live without them! I hope to one day be a successful documentary maker like Ross Kemp. I love his documentaries. I am currently a hair's good in a way that you get your hair done for free basically but if you are like me...get bored of your hair fast, you kinda lose control of your hair.  

Now get to know about Toni:

Name : Toni Anne Fe Pangilinan

Where we can find you: Twitter

What inspired you to start your blog:
Ana! Without any hesitations. She started this blog and I'm actually her no.1 fan. Before she puts her blog up, she'll be asking me to take a look and I end up being a critic telling this and that, pretty easy before. Then she asked me to be part of it and join her! I just couldn't say no :).

The impact of blogging on your life:
I haven't been around much, just started blogging recently. Sometimes I still don't know what I do! just kidding.
Two things: First, Bad news is that it's starting to get a hold of our wallet and bank account, though I'm still in control at the moment, I know I'm gonna lose it soon.
Second, Great impact since my eyes have been opened to another wide world of varieties, challenges, competitions and goodies should I say? 

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
Well as I said I'm still in the beginning process of this so usually I check it out with Ana the blog post that I'll be covering. Hopefully will be able to have a better and more OOTD posts and Nail Art DiY soon and was thinking of starting a product review on some stuffs maybe.

What are your favourite products/store:
Hmm, nothing in particular really. I'm not very picky with the brands and all but of course will go for the wallet friendly items right. Though, if I see something that I really love, Ana knows this, I always have my ways on getting em :). 

Some interesting things about you:
I'm a Mental Health Student and hoping to get back to it by next year. Currently here in the Philippines and enjoying it. I would love to be able to travel more soon. Love love to eat! whew.. Food and Fashion, very expensive hobby. 

If you would like to see posts on fashion and where to spend your hard earned cash, visit Elizabeth's Beauty.

{Thank you Ana and Toni for letting me feature you. It is great knowing so many nice things about you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

November 29, 2012

Outfit to H&M Spring 2013 Collection Preview

In my last post, I told you about the H&M Spring 2013 Collection. So here is what I wore to the event. I went with colorful even though it is winter here, and most people tend to believe winter is a more laid back kind of period in regards to colors. 

Well, for me, winter is just kind of boring right now. It is the 28th of November and we have seen snow just once. It just rains a lot and that is it. Personally, I am happy that the temperature is above 0, but the sky is just too boring. There is absolutely no sun and sometimes you can see so much fog it covers what is behind the next building from my office window. But my outfit makes everything better, don't you think?

H&M 2013 Collection preview outfit, outfit, ootd, style, colors
Outfit details:
Sweater - Unknown
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Scarf - H&M
Watch - Asos
Boots - Ebay
How to style a coral scarf, how to style aqua jeans, mixing colors

What do you think of my outfit?

November 27, 2012

H&M Spring 2013 Collection Preview

       Last week, I was invited by the lovely Polhem PR team to be present at the H&M Spring 2013 Preview. I was super excited to see the new collection and went after work. I took some photos so you could see it as well and start preparing if you like anything. 
       So personally, I am not super impressed with this collection. Somehow, it is just not me. Although everyone has their own style and may fall absolutely in love with the collection. I like the colors, which in my opinion is similar to the colors of SS12... Which means yay! for us girlies, we don't have to spend as much next Spring. Although we probably will. haha. 
       Anyway, back to the collection. The only item I really liked were the grey high heel mesh boots. Which I am thinking of getting, but well, we would see once they are available.
       I had a lovely evening in general. I was glad to meet Sanita of The Kalnina Blog and Deniss of The Fashion Slogger in person. 
H&M Spring 2013 Collection Preview, Spring 2013, H&M outfit
Pineapple jewelry, H&M Spring 2013 jewelry
H&M Spring 2013 Accessories, H&M boots, H&M belts, H&M bags
H&M Spring 2013 boots
H&M Spring 2013 Earrings, Dangly H&M Ear rings
Grey H&M Spring 2013 boots, Grey ankle boots
H&M Spring 2013 Belt
H&M Spring collection
H&M SS13 Men Collection
H&M Men shoes and bow tie, H&M Men shoes 2013
H&M Men shoes 2013

H&M Womenswear SS13 Lookbook video
H&M Menswear SS13 Lookbook video
What items do you like? What do you think of the collection in general?

November 24, 2012

Group giveaway {CLOSED}

       I am really excited to be taking part in my first group giveaway. All the ladies involved in this giveaway are absolutely amazing and have beautiful blogs. I was invited by the lovely host Nykki to join in and I though it would be great. We are giving away a lot of ad space and some beauty products so be sure to enter.
       When I saw all the prizes, all I could think about was I want to enter the giveaway and win it all.
       The rules are simple - Use the rafflecopter form below to subscribe to as many links as you want & get ad many entries as possible.
Nykki: Nykki Talks Beauty, Collaboration giveaway
Nia: Cherryfashion, Collaboration giveaway
Nikki: Confessions of a makeup addict, Win ad space
Ellie: EllieCreation, Win ad space and beauty products

Aly: Wonderland beauty, Ad space and Beauty products giveaway
Jessica: Girl Booklet, adspace giveaway, beauty giveaway, win
Huda: Huda's Beauty, beauty giveaway, burts bees, win products
Fiona: La belle de me sans merci, Group giveaway, Fashion and Beauty

Don't forget to read the terms and conditions!
- This giveaway is open internationally
- This giveaway will run from 11/24/12 until 12/7/2012
- The winner will be given 48 hours to reply in order to receive prizes
  a Rafflecopter giveaway
Best of luck to everyone!

November 23, 2012

Feature Friday: A is for Ayla

       Hello my lovelies, I know we all like meeting new amazing people with similar interest so I am bringing you another week of Feature Friday. This week, I am featuring the gorgeous Rachael of A is for Ayla. She posts on both beauty and fashion. She has reviews like Natural Collection Lipstick in Autumn Sunset, inspiration posts like Nothing Burns Like the Cold and beauty posts such as Fave 5: Haircare/ Haircare Routine. Her hair is so lovely. It is long, shiny and looks amazing. Don't we all wish we had gorgeous hair?
       Anyway, Rachael has told me a little about herself and her blog. So grab a cuppa and a chocolate bar and get to know her. Check out her blog and don't forget to say hi.

Name: Rachael

Blog Name: A Is For Ayla

Where we can find you (links):  Twitter

Tell me about your blog:
A Is For Ayla was first created back in May 2011 and features a happy mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. My blog was originally targeted at those who wanted beauty on a budget, as I was 13 at the time I didn't have much money to fuel my makeup obsession and so It was something I was really passionate blogging about. As my blog has progressed I moved more towards fashion and lifestyle while still maintaining my love for cosmetics, only now I post about a wide range of products.

What inspired you to start your blog:
I randomly stumbled across a fashion blog a couple of years ago (that unfortunately no longer exists), from that I discovered beauty blogs. I loved the idea of having your own piece on the web and your own place is the beauty community. A Is For Ayla was formed just a couple of months later.

The impact of blogging on your life:
Other than increased fitness due to lugging around my purse everywhere and the slalem through the shop floor I'd say I've learnt to be a better communicator. Where before I was incredibly shy and socially awkward, I feel like I can speak to anyone - on the web or in my school!

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
I guess in the future I'd love to have blogging as equally close to my heart as it is now. As I get older I know finding the time to blog will be much harder. I hope I'll always find the time to produce posts and chat with my followers after all, they are one of my favourite aspects of being a part of the beauty community.

What are your favorite products/stores:
I'd say beauty wise I love Soap & Glory, No7, Sleek and L'occitane. Although fashion isn't featured too often on my blog, my favourite stores and brands include Forever 21, Topshop and Ted Baker.

Some Interesting things about you:
- I come from Yorkshire which traditionally is not the most style concious county, Barbours and Hunters day in day out, awful!
- I was a teeny weeny 13 when I started my blog, so strange when I think about it now!
- I'm currently learning 8 langauges, 3 of which I'm fluent in, I love it when people leave me blog comments in their native!

If you would like to see some interesting posts, visit A is for Ayla.

{Thank you Rachael for letting me get to know you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

November 16, 2012

Feature Friday: Sirens and Bells

       Did this week fly by or what? Ok maybe that's just me. I am happy to be introducing you to another amazing blogger this week. Featured this week is the lovely Katy of Sirens and Bells. She has been a friend on my blog for a while now. So glad. 
       She is a beauty blogger but has a few fashion posts as well. She has a lot of product reviews like Avon's Lipstick in Pout or Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover as well as weekend wishlists. I absolutely love the color of the Avon lipstick in that post, it is such a lovely pink. The lovely Katy told me quite a few about herself and her blog, keep reading to find out.
FeatureFriday: Sirens and Bells, Feature Friday on Cherryfashion

Name: Katy

Blog Name: Sirens and Bells

Where we can find you (links):  Twitter 

Tell me about your blog: 
My blog is a beauty blog, with a little bit of fashion popped in there - mostly in the form of wishlists! I post about the things I'm lusting after and reviews of products I own, as well as my copious nail varnish collection!

How/ Why did you begin to blog: 
I began blogging because I would read lots and lots of blogs, and then realised I wanted to join in. I have so many products, and it looked fun, so I started!

The impact of blogging on you/your life: 
It's made me far more aware of make-up and products - what does and doesn't suit me, and helps me decide what products to buy - if I hear about a product on other blogs, I'm more inclined to get it myself. It's impacted my bank balance quite a bit too unfortunately!

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: 
I'm hoping to start blogging a bit more frequently. I currently blog 1/2 times a week as I have had SO much University work on at the moment, but with that dying down a little I should be able to blog a bit more! I also want to do more guest posts in the future :)

What are your favorite products/stores: 
I loveee anything from Lush and The Body Shop, I'm obsessed with both, my boyfriend haaates coming in with me because I take so long! 

Some Interesting things about you: 
I am an English student, in my second year. Unlike, it would seem, EVERYONE else, I have no idea what I want to do yet. I know I want to write, but I'm aware how difficult getting into that field is, so I shall see. I'm also a bit of a rubbish beauty blogger. I don't ever really wear a full face of make-up, I wear mascara/concealer/eye liner and lipstick, but I rarely wear foundation (though I own lots) and I don't own any blusher! See, a bit rubbish! I still love make-up though, even if I'm too lazy to wear a full face everyday! Also, I have a nail polish collection of 70+, with no signs of stopping. I'm obsesssssssed!

If you would like to see a review before buying the actual product, visit Sirens and Bells.

{Thank you Katy for telling us about yourself and your great blog. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

November 14, 2012

Review: Manhattan Lipstick 94p (with swatches)

       Manhattan Cosmetics is one of the brands that is available in Latvia. A while ago, I got one of their lipsticks in the shade 94P. It is a lovely shade for me and I like it a lot. I have used it quite a lot since the purchase. I like that it is a colour that can be worn with basically anything. Here is a review with swatches and then a full face look of my makeup with this lipstick.
Manhattan cosmetics lipstick
Manhattan Liptsick 94P
Manhattan Lipstick swatch, manhattan cosmetics, liptsick
Manhattan 94P lipstick
Lip swatch of Manhattan Liptsick 94P, Manhattan 94p, Lipstick, right shade of lipstick for dark skin or mixed ladies
How manhattan 94p Lipstick looks on me, lipstick for mixed race ladies, lipstick for dark skin

Packaging: The packaging has changed a bit. It is a very simple matte black. The previous package was glossy black. I like the new sophisticated look much better than the old one.

Cost: At the time of purchase, there was a discount on these lipsticks so I got it for less that 3LVL (approximately $6). But even without the discount, they aren't expensive.

Softness: The lipstick is a rich creamy colour and I like how it applies on my lips.

Repeat purchase or not?: I would definitely get this lipstick again, probably in a different colour.

What do you think of this lipstick? Own any Manhattan lipsticks?

November 12, 2012

Makeup counters

    A while ago, I went in to Kolonna in Riga Plaza to get my usual foundation and the lovely sales representative who asked to help me advised me to get the L'Oreal mineral powder instead as it gives the same result but is much lighter than the foundation.
      Looking at the colour of the mineral powder she was offering, I wasn't sure that was the shade I needed, plus I had the opinion that it was harder to apply. She noticed my reluctance and offered to do my makeup with this product so I see how it looks and then I can decide if I want it or not. Since I knew hubby was still working and wasn't in a rush, I agreed.
        She took off my makeup and then gave me a bio cream to put on. It felt absolutely amazing. Once my face was clean and moisturized, she began applying the mineral powder. To my surprise, it came out great. The shade was just what I needed and I was pretty impressed.
       She looked at me and offered to do the rest of my make-up as my face looked plain with just mineral powder foundation.
        She did my eye brows with the "Christian Brow Kit in Irid Brown", my eyes with gold and green eye shadow with a thin line of eye liner, eyelashes with black mascara and my lips in a brownish shade of Dior Lipstick. (Unfortunately, I couldn't get a normal picture of the look and therefore have not included it).
       Prior to this, I have never had my brows filled with a kit before, so when I was finally allowed to look at myself, I was like "WOW". At first, I though it looked a bit strange because it was very different to what I was used to. Then I got used to it and decided it looked absolutely amazing and I was super impressed with the outcome.
       The sales representative was so nice to tell me about all the products she used and was very pleasant the whole time. 
      I will slowly be purchasing some of the products she told me about. So excited!
        For my first time at a make-up counter, I am really impressed by the  service I received at the make-up counter. You can sign up to get your make-up done at kolonna either for 5LVL or for free if you are making a purchase.

How would you rate the service you have received at a make-up counter?

November 9, 2012

Feature Friday: ItsSimplyBeauty

      Another week has gone by and it is time for another Feature Friday post. This week, my lovely feature is the sweet Tash from ItsSimplyBeauty. She is gorgeous and helpful if you need something. 
        She is such a lovely blogger who has a lot of interesting beauty and fashion posts. From product reviews to tags like Why do you wear make-up? You can also find out How to clean your brushes on her blog. As you see, so many wonderful posts I will not name them all. Stop by her page and see for yourself. Get to know Tash, a little about her blog and her views on blogging as you read further.

Feature Friday: ItsSimplyBeauty

Name: Natasha but I like to be called Tash

Blog Name: itssimplybeauty

Where we can find you (links): Youtube

Tell me about your blog:
My blog is basically a place where I can express my feelings and passion for beauty and fashion. I post about beauty items that i am loving, write reviews. Do tag post, outfit posts you name it, it will be on my blog. I love writing a blog, I find it amazing and I'm so glad I started writing my own one. I find being a blogger it opens so many doors you see whats the most raved about product to hit stores, whats happening in your favourite bloggers lives, I could express my love for blogging any more. Its like an online diary that everyone can read daily. You can create a good bond with other bloggers too so it's great. I can't see my life with no blog.

What inspired you to start your blog:
Way too many but it would have to be zoella, she is an amazing blogger I always used to read hers and others but hers stood out the most to me

The impact of blogging on your life:
Its allowed me to be more confident in myself and the way I talk about things, I used to be shy and could never explain things properly but I find that blogging you can be you and people like you for you and it helps you come out your shell a lot more and it has helped me be more confident in myself

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
Planning on doing a give away when I reach 500 followers, do more outfit posts/get look posts and make up posts but I'm always open to requests

What are your favorite products/stores:
I pretty much like everywhere don't really have a favourite I'm not fussy :)

Some Interesting things about you:
I'm really shy, crazy about make-up and beauty items. Love buying clothes all the time. I'm pretty much your normal girly girl who loves blogging and youtubing every chance she gets :)
I'm rubbish at spelling and a tad crazy (in a good way)

If you would like to see more interesting beauty and fashion posts, visit ItsSimplyBeauty.

{Thank you Tash for letting me get to know you better. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

November 7, 2012

MUA Lusting

       There are a lot of reviews and people out there using MUA products. I am not one of them. Firstly, because it is not sold here in Latvia. Secondly, because I am always skeptical about ordering makeup online without trying out how it looks on me. Yes, MUA is a very affordable brand, but when you add up all the items + shipping it just sums up. And I'd hate to waste a sum on items I don't like in the end when I can get 1 proper item I know I like and fits me.
        Anyway, lately I have been lusting over a few products from the MUA online store and after the #bbloggers chat, I got a few tips on what tones of the items would probably look good. Of course, this is not for sure because everyone has a little bit different complexion and different colors fit different people, but I am thinking of taking the chance. 
        I am sure after the chat quite a number of you were tempted to go buy yourself some makeup, and the rest of you just added some more items to your Christmas wishlist. Bet someone's bank account is screaming really loud. 
        Well mine was screaming all night and then all day so I decided before I go nuts and buy the entire store, I should make a wishlist of the items I would really like to try out.
via MUA Store
1. Lip Boom{Doin Good} 2. Love Hearts Lip Balm{Great Lips and Hot Lips} 3. Eye Primer 4. Blush Perfection Cream Blush{Yummy} 5. Nail Constellation{Pisces} 6. Lipstick{Shade 6, 16 & 7}

What do you think of my list? Any suggestions on what to buy?

November 4, 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

       It feels absolutely amazing to get awards. Even though to some it may seem as just an image, it's the thought behind it that counts. Getting this award from a fellow blogger means that they appreciate your blog. And for me, it is the best feeling to know someone likes my blog.
      I would like to thank the lovely Lili of Let's Get Lippy and Nicky of Nicky's Beauty Quest for showing love to my blog. It means the world to me.
The Rules
- You must post 11 random facts about yourself
- You must answer 11 questions from the person who chose you
- You must create a new set of 11 questions for who you tag
- You must tag 11 blogs with under 200 followers & let them know
- You can not tag back

11 Randon facts about me
1. I do not have any nail polish on at the moment.
2. I have one brother.
3. I love to sing along when listening to music.
4. I ordered Christian Eyebrow Kit and cannot wait for it to come.
5. My dog Candy always makes me happy.
6. At some point in my life I wanted to be a pro boxer and then a model.  haha!
7. I miss my friends in Nigeria.
8. I saw Skyfall before it came out the movies here in Latvia and didn't even realize it until my brother told me. Haha! yes I am stupid like that sometime.
9. I am Pisces.
10. I will never say no to sushi. Even when I am not hungry. Too in love.
11. I love colorful things. 

Lili's Questions
1. Why did you choose this name for your blog?
I wanted something that had the word "fashion" in it. And I have no idea how I ended up with the Cherry :)

2. Designer or High Street?
I guess this depends on what item exactly. Trendy items definitely high street, but a classy item I would choose Designer if I can.

3. If you had a genie within a lamp; what three things would you wish for?
I'm not a big fan of getting three wishes, I guess to many stories. haha. But I would choose that everyone had good health, had love and were happy.

4. What is your GO TO Emergency food?

5. What does your beauty regime consist of?
Gel wash, Cleanser, Moisturizer.

6. If you could be President or Prime Minister for a day, what laws would you change or enforce?
Never actually thought of this.

7. Forget Celebrity ‘Come Dine With Me’; there could be one for Bloggers! Which 4 Bloggers would you bring to your dinner party?
Personally, If I was having a dinner party, I will invite all the bloggers I know. Haha! Too much love for them. But If I really had to choose just 4, I guest it would probably be Kayleigh, India, Sophia and Ysis.

8. Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Lipstick any day.

9. What has been your biggest life challenge so far?
Moving to a different country (Latvia) because my 1st language is English and I knew I would have to study in Russian.

10. If Jack Sparrow [the pirate] delivered you a chest full of riches, what would you spend it on?

Travel to all the places I have been dreaming about, spend some on my big project and invest the rest.

11. What will you do after you finish answering this question?
Answer the 11 set my Nicky.

Nicky's questions

1. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
Meeting so many amazing people from the community. I am so glad they are so nice and welcoming. Looking forward to meeting many more lovely bloggers.

2. What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
I don't have one.

3. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you want to live?
Probably America.

4. If you were told you were going to die (I know that sounds morbid lol), what would be your last supper?
Something spicy. 

5. If you could only have one make up item, what would it be?

6. What do you think are the most important qualities in a partner?
To be understanding, supportive and kind.

7. What is the thing you like best about yourself?
That I am goal oriented.

8. What is your biggest fear?
I tend not to think about it. Live positively. :)

9. Top 3 blogs you like reading?
I don't have top 3 because there are so many I enjoy. LeBeautyGirl, Jewel Beauty, Sophia Meola, Dulce Candy, Nykki Talks Beauty and many others.

10. What would put you off from subscribing to a blog?
Hard navigation, Bad Communication.

11. What is your favourite Christmas film?
If you are reading this, no laughing. I'm not sure it is really a Christmas movie but I really like the Chipmunks Christmas song. 

My 11 questions
1. What is your dream job?
2. What is your favourite color of nailpolish?
3. Going to an island, what are the 3 beauty products you will take?
4. Favourite way to spend your free time?
5. What do you do everyday?
6. Favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
7. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
8. Favourite place to shop?
9. Favourite color of lipstick?
10. What is your go to item in your closet?
11. What do you think of my blog?

The blogs I am tagging are:

Congratulations my lovelies.
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