November 30, 2012

Feature Friday: Elizabeth's beauty

       Welcome my darlings to another week of Feature Friday. This week I have a surprise for you. You get to meet 2 bloggers at once! This is the 2nd time I have had such an opportunity. Are we lucky or what?!
       So I present to you Ana and Toni of Elizabeth's Beauty. These lovely ladies are both working together and having a great time running their blog. They are absolutely amazing. They have a lot of both fashion and beauty posts. I really liked their Discount Craze posts, although it did make me want to purchase half the items I found. I love the pictures they sent me, so much edge... Anyway, get to know these amazing ladies by reading what they told me.
       While I am at it, I would like to say a huge thank you to Ana for the support she has given me since she found my blog. It feels absolutely amazing and I am glad that we are blogging friends.

What Ana told me:

Name: Ana Elizabeth Aguila

Blog name: Elizabeth's Beauty

Where we can find you (links): Facebook
                                                                          Online Store

Tell me about your blog: 
Well I started the blog over a year ago now, 18th September 2011, after being inspired by blogs that I used to read. I used to/still do read Viva Adonis, Adoreabubbles, Dolly Rouge and many more that I can't think of right now. But those would have been the three main ones I used to read. I thought that maybe my opinion and tips or advise on products I've tried and have would be useful and helpful to other people out there reading. At first I wanted it to be a beauty blog concentrating on reviews and all that and also I was an Avon Rep and thought that I could help in deciding what products are worth buying,in my opinion. I not only love beauty and make up but I love fashion so it was inevitable that I started to post about what I love be it the trends or the new shops or new clothes out there that I think people will like and also any offers available. I wanted to share my love of fashion also. I love fashion so much that I started my own store...hope to make and have gorgeous one of a kind pieces there. The blog now is more kind of fashion than beauty but I do still have those odd posts about beauty products. I just set it up to try and help others with their decisions and also with discounts :)

What inspired you to start blogging: 
Like I said above, other bloggers and the help they give us.

The impact of blogging on your life: 
Impact...hmmm...I'm broke more often now haha. I really have a shopping addiction. But there's soooo many gorgeous clothes and shooooeeeesss....ahhhhh *drools. I need a bigger closet actually. But apart from that another impact or could I call it is talking to other great bloggers and making friends :)

Ideas/ Plans regarding your blog:
I hope to do more streetstyle posts, I've done one so far :/ But I do want to have more of those posts and maybe hopefully Toni and I could cover some Fashion weeks...maybe. Hopefully anyways! Oh! and have more outfit posts! I badly need a photographer...anyone wanna be my photographer? For free though :)

What are your favourite products/ stores: 
Am... I love MAC lipsticks and love YSL products and their packaging is gorgeous! Clothes... I love Unif! Zara and Urban Outfitters are great stores even is they are god damn expensive! :/ I also love Motel Rocks. Their stuff is amazing! You can get 20% off thier clothes with my code elizabethsbeauty :)

Some interesting things about you: 
Am I love nature, photography and all spooky eerie things. I love to go into the woods and just be one with nature kind of. I feel at peace there also another place that is peaceful for me is the graveyard. Toni and I used to go to one particular graveyard in town and it's lovely there. I love my two cats and couldn't live without them! I hope to one day be a successful documentary maker like Ross Kemp. I love his documentaries. I am currently a hair's good in a way that you get your hair done for free basically but if you are like me...get bored of your hair fast, you kinda lose control of your hair.  

Now get to know about Toni:

Name : Toni Anne Fe Pangilinan

Where we can find you: Twitter

What inspired you to start your blog:
Ana! Without any hesitations. She started this blog and I'm actually her no.1 fan. Before she puts her blog up, she'll be asking me to take a look and I end up being a critic telling this and that, pretty easy before. Then she asked me to be part of it and join her! I just couldn't say no :).

The impact of blogging on your life:
I haven't been around much, just started blogging recently. Sometimes I still don't know what I do! just kidding.
Two things: First, Bad news is that it's starting to get a hold of our wallet and bank account, though I'm still in control at the moment, I know I'm gonna lose it soon.
Second, Great impact since my eyes have been opened to another wide world of varieties, challenges, competitions and goodies should I say? 

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
Well as I said I'm still in the beginning process of this so usually I check it out with Ana the blog post that I'll be covering. Hopefully will be able to have a better and more OOTD posts and Nail Art DiY soon and was thinking of starting a product review on some stuffs maybe.

What are your favourite products/store:
Hmm, nothing in particular really. I'm not very picky with the brands and all but of course will go for the wallet friendly items right. Though, if I see something that I really love, Ana knows this, I always have my ways on getting em :). 

Some interesting things about you:
I'm a Mental Health Student and hoping to get back to it by next year. Currently here in the Philippines and enjoying it. I would love to be able to travel more soon. Love love to eat! whew.. Food and Fashion, very expensive hobby. 

If you would like to see posts on fashion and where to spend your hard earned cash, visit Elizabeth's Beauty.

{Thank you Ana and Toni for letting me feature you. It is great knowing so many nice things about you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

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