November 16, 2012

Feature Friday: Sirens and Bells

       Did this week fly by or what? Ok maybe that's just me. I am happy to be introducing you to another amazing blogger this week. Featured this week is the lovely Katy of Sirens and Bells. She has been a friend on my blog for a while now. So glad. 
       She is a beauty blogger but has a few fashion posts as well. She has a lot of product reviews like Avon's Lipstick in Pout or Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover as well as weekend wishlists. I absolutely love the color of the Avon lipstick in that post, it is such a lovely pink. The lovely Katy told me quite a few about herself and her blog, keep reading to find out.
FeatureFriday: Sirens and Bells, Feature Friday on Cherryfashion

Name: Katy

Blog Name: Sirens and Bells

Where we can find you (links):  Twitter 

Tell me about your blog: 
My blog is a beauty blog, with a little bit of fashion popped in there - mostly in the form of wishlists! I post about the things I'm lusting after and reviews of products I own, as well as my copious nail varnish collection!

How/ Why did you begin to blog: 
I began blogging because I would read lots and lots of blogs, and then realised I wanted to join in. I have so many products, and it looked fun, so I started!

The impact of blogging on you/your life: 
It's made me far more aware of make-up and products - what does and doesn't suit me, and helps me decide what products to buy - if I hear about a product on other blogs, I'm more inclined to get it myself. It's impacted my bank balance quite a bit too unfortunately!

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: 
I'm hoping to start blogging a bit more frequently. I currently blog 1/2 times a week as I have had SO much University work on at the moment, but with that dying down a little I should be able to blog a bit more! I also want to do more guest posts in the future :)

What are your favorite products/stores: 
I loveee anything from Lush and The Body Shop, I'm obsessed with both, my boyfriend haaates coming in with me because I take so long! 

Some Interesting things about you: 
I am an English student, in my second year. Unlike, it would seem, EVERYONE else, I have no idea what I want to do yet. I know I want to write, but I'm aware how difficult getting into that field is, so I shall see. I'm also a bit of a rubbish beauty blogger. I don't ever really wear a full face of make-up, I wear mascara/concealer/eye liner and lipstick, but I rarely wear foundation (though I own lots) and I don't own any blusher! See, a bit rubbish! I still love make-up though, even if I'm too lazy to wear a full face everyday! Also, I have a nail polish collection of 70+, with no signs of stopping. I'm obsesssssssed!

If you would like to see a review before buying the actual product, visit Sirens and Bells.

{Thank you Katy for telling us about yourself and your great blog. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

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  1. She has really pretty eyes, checking out her blog now.


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