January 31, 2013

My Birthday Wishlist

       My birthday is in 2.5 weeks and I am sure my family and friends are already wondering what to get me. So I though I would make a wishlist and send it out to them. I have been lusting over all these items for a while now, some more than others but I really look forward to getting all these items. I know because most of my family is away it may be hard for them so I am totally open to getting my present in cash and buying the item you choose to give me on your behalf. You are also obviously very welcome to get me beauty products as well as anything from Lush, Body shop or the Disco Cosmetics stores.

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Palma Leather Lace Up Shoe Boots
I have wanted these shoes forever, I think the only reason I have still not gotten them is I am afraid they will be too high. But I am tired of waiting and not knowing. I have chosen the black ones as I think they go with everything and I already have JC Lita lookalikes in beige and brown. So these black ones are much needed. Sizing: EU41/UK8.

Naomi Black Handbag
Ever since the first time I found the Marc B bags, I have been lusting over some of them. I don't really know what it is with me and quilted things, but I like them so much. This bag looks very sophisticated but chic, I can totally see myself using it everyday and not getting tired of it.

Pentax 55-300mm lens
I have wanted this for a while now. I currently have the Samsung 18-55mm lens which I really like but would love to make more up close photos. Photography is one of my hobbies and during the summer it is nice to go out and take some nice pictures. You can see some of my work in the photography tab. So I may not get this for my birthday, so if I don't i will just have to save up for it.

Faux Fur Gilet Jacket coat Waistcoat
When I was in Germany, I decided I finally want a fur vest but could not find the type I wanted in the stores I visited. Somehow I missed it in H&M at the opening. Now I want it bad and will definitely get it. I would love to have this in brown. I am a UK8/ EU34/Small, so in this link I think I would probably be like a Chinese size M.

Faux Fur Collar 
Soon it is going to be spring and I am looking forward to wearing my autumn coat and leather jacket. I think this fur would go great with my jacket and these lace-up boots I am asking for. I can already see myself in different outfits with this. So many things I want to try and will definitely take photos for you all to see. I would like to get this in black and then I will probably get myself a brown one as well.

Real Techniques Brushes
I have heard so many nice things about these brushes from all my blogger friends and I want to try the out. If they are as good as everyone says, I will finally be able to do some makeup videos for my youtube channel. I have picked the Core collection brush set and the Starter set. These brushes are available in Stockmann if you are interested in getting them for me. :)

I know my mum, brother, husband and probably friends are reading this, so "HIIIII darlings. I love you and miss you all".

I love presents and it will be great to think about you each time I use the item.
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January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Him

       So I previously did a Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Her post and thought it would be nice to give our ladies some tips as well. I am in no way and expert, I am just suggesting from past experience and things I have seen over the years. I have celebrated Valentines Day every year over the past 5 or more years and I don't like things to get boring so it is nice to come up with something new each year. I hope this inspires you in some way and you have a fab time.

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Every guy need a good expensive shirt, or two. Any way, it is an important part of a man's closet. Imagine he has to go for an interview and wants to make the best first impression ever.... he puts on the shirt you gave him and instantly feels like you are there supporting him. So much more confidence... and then BAM! He gets the joba and you get to shop. haha.

Buying your man funny but cute underwear like the one above is something we girls like to do sometimes. I think it leaves good memories of laughter for the couple. So why not have a good laugh as you show him you love him.

A good looking guy in a fit suit and great shoes definitely needs to keep it up with a good personal pen. I think I actually got this from my mum, not sure though. But I totally agree with it. If your man is the office kind and is forced to dress up every day for work. You may want to give him a pen to keep in his inner pocket to sign all those important contracts. You can even have it engraved with a message that means a lot to you as a couple. What do you think?

Ok, so I know it is Valentine's day and it is usually the girls who get candy, but who said men don't like candy every now and then? I know for sure my husband likes them, not all though but still. Give him a treat of his favourite candy. I think he would appreciate it.

Maybe it is just me, but a lot of guys I know aren't the best shopping buddies. Not even for themselves! So I usually make it a point to buy some nice things to include in my husbands presents. It's cold right now, think maybe he needs winter shoes or a good warm sweater?

Bracelet/ Jewelry
Men do not wear armcandy. That is something we ladies get to keep for ourselves. But a lot of them like to wear 1 bracelet on their arm. For I guy I think it is nice to go for a nice silver bracelet or a thin leather one. It looks good on them.

How many perfumes does your man have? I think you can probably count it on your fingers, no? Find one he likes and told you about maybe sometime ago and get it for him. Surprise him by showing him you listen, you remember and you love him.

Isn't this just the obvious present for guys? With all the technology today, it is hard to keep track of the latest and I know most guys like to. Get him something from the latest, like best headphones at the moment, webcam with the best features or something else. Just be careful he doesn't start playing with it on the 14th.

Buying things is easy. Have you tried actually making something for him? A card maybe or a collage of all your pictures? Think of something more creative than the usual, he will definitely appreciate it as you put all that work into it to make him happy.

So I hope you have a nice Valentine's day. Enjoy it with your other half. And if you are single, treat yourself to something you love most.

Have you decided what to get and what to do on Vaneltines Day?
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January 25, 2013

Feature Friday: La Belle Dame Sans Merci

       Woohooo!!! It's Friday. I personally am very happy as I am really tired and could really do with a long sleep and then a warm bubble bath. Anyway, time to stop day dreaming and get to the point. 
       Today I am very happy to introduce to you the lovely Fiona of La Belle Dame Sans Merci. She is absolutely amazing {seriously}. I 'met' her when we were both involved in a group giveaway on Nykki Talks Beauty. We chat from time to time and she is just the sweetest. She also always leaves me nice comments which make me smile. 
       If you haven't yet seen her blog, you should definitely stop by and don't forget to leave a comment to say hi. She has beauty posts, reviews and an amazing feature called the Monthly Start Sign Makeup Tag. Get to know more about Fiona:
La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Feature Friday on Cherryfashion, Featuring Fashion and Beauty Bloggers
La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Name: Fiona Naughton

Blog name: La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Where can we find you (links): Twitter
                                                                         Email - fionairish@eircom.net

What you love most about blogging: 
I love interacting with my readers and fellow bloggers, it's such a great community to be a part of. Comments on my blog really do brighten up my day and I respond to each one. It's great to be able to share my thoughts, opinions and makeup looks with people from around the world and actually have the read and respond to my words!

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: 
I try to think of new features all the time. I am due my first child on Valentines Day so after that I shall be beginning my new fitness regime so I shall be featuring that and updating my progress. I shall have a lot more outfit of the day and makeup posts in the coming year as well as some lifestyle aspects to my blog.

What else do you do other than blogging? 
I'm an avid snail mailer, I've been writing and swapping with people now since summer 2009 and I absolutely love it. I also love to shop and find great bargains, but what girl doesn't?! I'm really getting into all things vintage so I hope to find some amazing pieces this year.

What are your favourite stores to shop? 
I love New Look, H&M, Primark for clothes and the huge Boots store in my city for beauty deals.

What song is constantly playing on your ipod/iphone etc? 
I always seem to have either 'Lovecats' by the Cure or 'Man Who Sold The World' the Nirvana version playing, those songs are always stuck in my head too!

Some interesting things about you: 
I live on an island in the south of Ireland, I have a degree in history and English literature and Barbie and I share the same birthday - March 9th! Very fitting for my personality as I love anything pink! In fact my mother once stated that she should have named me Barbie instead of Fiona!

If you are interested in the star sign makeup tag or want to see interesting beauty posts, visit Fiona.

[Thank you Fiona for the opportunity to feature you. You are a doll! I am glad we are blogger friends and I just got to know more about you]
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January 23, 2013

Review: Artdeco Eyeshadow base

Hello lovelies, I hope you are having an amazing day. Here in Latvia it is cold about -13C at the moment. We have a lot of snow, too much snow in my opinion. I will try and take some photos this weekend.
Anyway, a while ago I told you about my Makeup counter experience and ever since then I have been slowly getting the products the lovely lady used on me. Here is one of those products. It is an eyeshadow base from Artdeco.
So firstly I will tell you a little bit about the company. Artdeco is a cosmetics brand which started out in Germany over 25 years ago and has come a long way since then. It is now sold in so many different places. They have products for the face, eyes, nails, lips and many other.
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Artdeco eyeshadow base swatch, Product review, Do you need and eyeshadow base?
What Artdeco say:
The Eyeshadow base with a soft, creamy consistency prevents the deposition of eyeshadow in the eyelid crease and makes the powder eyeshadows highly long-lasting, intense and brilliant. The eyeshadow is being applied easier, distributed better and lasts longer. This way, little particles cannot become loose, making it ideal for contact lens wearers.

The base calms reddened eyelids with Bisabolol and neutralizes the color of the eyelid. Vitamin E nourishes and protects the sensitive skin of the eyes.
Suitable for all kind of eyeshadows. Free from animal ingredients.

What I like
I have used this product only a few times as I normally just wear gel liner and mascara on my eyes to work. But what they say about it making your eyeshadow look so much is better is definitely true. I still remember my golden green eyeshadow look the lovely lady at the makeup counter did for me. It was amazing!

I used this eyeshadow and did a gold and brown smokey eyes look a while back and went to work. It lasted all day and I didn't have those ugly lines on my crease. That made me extremely happy as I could go home looking as fab as I came {of course with a little touch up on my foundation}.

So even if I haven't used it every day, I can still say that this is an amazing product. At first I was skeptical to purchase because I thought I didn't need as it cost approx €8.5, but when I tried it at home, I knew that was money well spent. 
Before I used to dislike putting on eyeshadow as I know how it will look after a couple of hours, but now I am happy to if I have the extra time in the morning.

What I don't like
I cannot say there is something I do not like about this base. Yes it may seem a bit pricey, but it will last for a very long time. So if you actually divide the price by the number of months you use it for, you will get a price per month lower than €1.

Repeat purchase Yes/No?
Yes! I will definitely be buying this when I run out. I like to do eyeshadow looks when I have some time so this is an absolute must!

Have you tried this product, what do you think? Do you know a similar product?

January 22, 2013

2012 Favourite outfits lookbook

       Hello lovelies, I know everyone likes OOTD posts and like to see how bloggers style their pieces. Because some of you have not been with me from the beginning of the year, you may have missed some outfits and I thought it would be great to show you my favourite outfits I wore in 2012 as a lookbook. Thank you for joining me and for all the support you have shown. It means a lot to me as I would definitely not have gone this far without your support.
Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to leave me a comment if you liked it.
How to style aztec, pink panther, wearing pink and black, 2012 outfit
How to style Aztec print leggings.                             The Pink Panther.
How to style aqua jeans, Aqua jeans and coral blazer, how to style striped pants
How to style different mint shades, styling up a basic outfit with a pop blazer
Aqua jeans, cream top and coral scarf, Aztec leggings with blue-green jumper, how to style aqua, how to style aztec

January 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

       It is soon going to be that time of the year when everything is red and white and pink all over; in the shape of hearts and flowers. I know this may not be the favourite time of the year for some people. But for all the couples out there, it is pretty special. The memories of all the romance and how special you were made to feel holds on for a very long time. I still remember how we spent Valentine's days in Secondary school so you can imagine. Good memories always last a long time. It is always very special when it is the first Valentine's together with your other half.
       I personally adore Valentine's day and I am really looking forward to it this year{Hmmm, I wonder what hubby has planned}.
       If you haven't yet decided what to get your lovely lady or where to take her, here are a few things which could help.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Her, valentines day, valentines day ideas, valentines day gifts

Roses are red, violets are blue... Nothing says I love you, like a dozen or two.

Beauty Products
A lot of ladies love beauty products and deserve some pampering once in a while. A good high end beauty product will definitely make her happy. It could be nail polish, lipstick, some bath bomb or something else. I like the idea of the bath bomb as you can have an amazing bath together. So here is how it goes.... rose petals around the bath tub and a bit on the floor, a bath bomb in the tub and champagne for you and your princess.

All ladies like to look gorgeous not just in clothes but in what is under as well. And nothing screams sexy and luxury like good lingerie. Buy one you like, she will like it too. Just make sure you know what size she is so it fits perfectly.

Lot and lots of chocolate. Have you ever heard of a Valentine's day without chocolate?! I haven't. Get her favourite chocolate as well as other types. I think assorted sets may suit the occasion as you get to try many different types. Close your eyes when eating it, it tastes so much better.

We all love to smell nice. Know a perfume your girl is lusting over? Get it for her. Every time she uses it, she will think about you.

Sleeping mask
Get a lovely/ funny sleeping mask. We like to wear them sometimes.

Now this is a total most. Nothing says I love you like red roses. Unless she is allergic to them, then don't. You don't want her feeling bad on Valentine's day. You can also decorate the bed with rose petals. That is always super sweet.

I don't know about your girl, but even at my age, I still adore soft toys. A teddy with and "I Love You" sign would definitely make me awwww. So if she is anything like me, she would definitely appreciate the teddy.

Jewelry is a sign. More expensive jewelry like gold or silver will give the impression that you are serious about her. Fashion jewelry will give the impression that you just want to have fun. Keep that in mind when selecting.

Romantic break
Tired of all the usual? You don't live alone in your apartment/ house? Why not take her out to dinner somewhere fancy and then head off to a hotel for a little break. You can spend some time in the jacuzi and have some alone time, get a massage and have a lot of fun. She is your princess and deserves to be treated as one.

I hope that you can pick up some of the tips or get some inspiration and have a fabulous time on Valentine's day.

Have a great time making plans.
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January 20, 2013

Fabulous Advertiser: La la Lists {January 2013}

Happy weekend my lovely readers, I hope you are having a fab weekend. It was the coldest night this year here in Latvia when it hit -22 if not higher and I am still in bed hiding from the cold. 

I though it was time to introduce you to my Fab Advertiser this month. She is a very lovely lady and has a lot of interesting posts. I am sure she can teach us all a thing or 2, so make sure you click on her link and check out her blog. Don't forget to say hi and follow if you like what you see. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hi lovlies! My name is Rachel and I blog over at lala Lists. I am a Graphic Design student in New Hampshire, but am originally from the Boston area. I love bunnies, painting my nails, taking pictures of my cat, cupcakes, collecting fonts, blogging, and glitter. Duh. Who doesn't love glitter?

Where can we find you?

What kind of posts can we find on your blog?
I have a little bit of everything... tutorials, humor, style boards, rants and raves, opinions, and lolcats... because who can resists lols. Or cats?

What are you loving at the moment?

I am loving all the golden globe fashion! Here were my faves:

What are your favourite stores to shop?
I am a total Old Navy junky. But if a store has colored jeans, nail polish, or scarves I’ll probably like it too!

What were your top 3 posts of 2012? (provide link & title of post)
Opinions: I Would be Fuc*ed Without Spellcheck
Now I Don't Mean to Be a Bitch...
You Are Cordially Invited to

Go check out her blog !

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January 18, 2013

Feature Friday: Futures

       Feature Friday continues, if you are interested, there is information at the end of this post. My week has been really busy with ups and downs so I am glad to finally sit down and tell you about another lovely blogger out there.
       Her name is Bex and she blogs over at Futures. She is a lovely, fun filled lady and you can see she likes to have fun from her posts. She has been blogging for a while now and is very dedicated to it. She gives her blog a lot of time and attention so definitely check her out. She posts reviews like the Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick or her latest L'Oreal EverSleek Reparative Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner. My favourite post will probably have to be Fashion It Up. I loved the clothes and sketches in the pictures, it reminded me a lot of when I was little.
      Anyway, back to the wonderful Bex. She gave me a little insight about herself and I was glad to read it and to share. Get to know her a little and don't forget to stop by her blog to say hi.

Name: Bex

Blog Name: Futures

Where we can find you (links): Twitter

Tell me about your blog: 
Futures is a lifestyle and beauty blog written by me, a 20 something mum of one blogging her way through life.

What you love about blogging: 
The people I've met - I've made some great friends through blogging.

Favourite stores: 
New Look, River Island, Primark

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: 
More food and book posts, more personal posts.

Some Interesting things about you: 
I'm going to be a great auntie by the summer! I love nothing more than a good murder mystery. I love days when I can sit around, make up free and do absolutely nothing!

If you want to see beauty reviews and other interesting posts, check out her blog.

[Thank you Bex for the opportunity to feature you. It was great to get to know a little bit more about you.]
{If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}
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January 16, 2013

My Christmas Trip to Germany

       Hello lovelies, Today I though I would share a post on some of the travelling I did during Christmas. I will have some more posts up about each city I visited. So the main city we visited was Saarbrucken, Germany to visit my sister-in-law. While we were there we were lucky enough to make it to the last few days of Weihnachtsmarkt. 
       Weihnachtsmarkt means Christmas Market and is held during the 4 weeks of Advent. there are a lot of stalls everywhere selling drinks, food, candy, nuts and many other things. There are also attractions for kids such as car rides. Usually everyone just gets together at these places and has a lot of fun eating, drinking and talking. Here are a few pictures that we took while we were there.
       Every year, they have a Santa's sledge hanging over the buildings and in the evening you could see a Santa slide down does ropes. I think it would look amazing at night with all the lights, but unfortunately I didn't get to see it.
Santa's sledge in Saarbrucken
Small christmas tree
       Here is one of the attraction for kids. It was great to hear them all squeal and laugh while riding as you pass by. The joy of kids always makes a lady smile.
Children's car ride attraction
       There was a Christmas tree in the center of the city. I personally would have put more decorations on it with loads of different colours.
Christmas Tree in Saarbrucken
       Some yummy food. This was a stand which sold cakes and caramel apples of different types {I think}. I didn't get any as I would have been covered fully in sticky caramel afterwards. {haha, just how I am}. We got some tasty nuts from another stand instead.
Sweet stand at Weihnachtsmarkt in Saarbrucken, Weihnachtsmarkt
       And then we were home and I decided to take a shot of the window as I really liked how it was decorated with candles and lights.
Christmas decorations, Christmas lights

While on this trip, I was lucky enough to visit 2 more cities which I will be telling you about really soon. It was a lot of fun and you should definitely think about visiting. Don't forget to enter the bloghop.

Have you ever been to Weihnachtsmarkt?
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