January 2, 2013

December Instagram Diary

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       December has been quite interesting, especially towards the end. I had a lot happening and here is a little bit of it.
       On the 3rd, the Christmas tree at work was decorated. It was amazing and I think everyone started to feel a bit more Christmacy. Then I had a post about the fur and leather items I liked. This wasn't included in my Christmas wishlist but I really really want a fur vest. On my way home one saturday I saw this view and just could not resist taking a photo. It isn't everyday you see the sun out and everything white here in Latvia so you have to take the moments.
       On the 13th, Cherryfashion turned 1! I am still very excited about that. I made a post to thank all my followers for being so awesome and got loads of nice wishes. You are great! and you mean a lot to me. I celebrated with a cup of tea and a little snack. It was delicious. Then my giveaway to thank you all went up. It is still open and running till 14th of January so be sure to enter. This giveaway gives someone from around the world the chance to try some Latvian products. They are all really good and I am sure you will like them.
       Then I helped wrap a present and once again it came out so good. I just had to post about it. I don't know why but I just seem to be really good at wrapping presents. So if you need your presents wrapped, let me know. haha! Then I finally did a DIY after a very very long time. I studded my old boots which I liked a lot because they were uber comfortable. I eventually wore them to Germany.
       On the 21st, we had a fun Christmas party at work. Food was nice, everyone was dancing and having a great time. The deserts were absolutely yummy, I still remember it looking at this picture.
       I left to Germany on the 22nd and had a fab time. We shared presents on the 24th, and on the 27th when all the stores were open hubby took me shopping. I had a great time, bought a lot of really nice things for me and for hubby. {Haul coming soon.}
       If you have been to Germany then you probably tasted the Malzdrink they have. To me, it tasted a bit similar to Malta Guinness which I haven't had in ages. I was obsessed with it while I was in Germany because it brought back so many memories.
      The view on a sunny morning from the window where I was sleeping just made me smile. It rained a lot while I was there so this was very pleasant for a change. We got this lovely flower placed in the bathroom and every time you came in to take a shower or wash your hands, you would see it. It brightened my days. Then we came back and I decided to make sushi dinner for us. We also invited my brother and best friend. It came out pretty good and was really delicious.
       As you can see, December was more eventful than November. I think it always is for me.

Hope you all had a lovely NYE celebration.
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