January 11, 2013

Feature Friday: Glamorous Glitter

       Hello my wonderful readers, I hope you are having a great Friday. Cheers to the weekend! I am back with my Feature Friday series and I thought I would start off by showing love and introducing you to a gorgeous new blogger who recently joined us in the blogosphere.
       This lovely lady's name is Imka and she blogs over at Glamorous Glitter. Other than being absolutely beautiful, she is nice and sweet. She has some amazing posts which I liked very much. One of them is DIY Christmas: Starbucks Holiday Special (1). This post is great and the peppermint mocha looks so yummy. If only I had seen this before Christmas... Anyway, now that I know about it, I will definitely be trying it out as we do not have Starbucks here in Latvia. Another post I was blown away by was DIY Christmas Gift: Peterpan Collars. This one is so amazing I cannot wait to get felt and some beads or other decorations and try it out. I am so excited. Thank you darling.
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Glamorous Glitter Blog

Name: Imka

Blog Name: Glamorous Glitter

Where we can find you (links): Twitter
                                                                          Instagram: glittermeglamorous
                                                                          email: glittermeglamorous@gmail.com

Tell me about your blog:
I blog about all things girly - makeup, fashion, DIY, cooking, to name a few. My blog aims to provide info and a relaxing reading atmosphere for my readers and followers.

What you love about blogging:
Blogging is such a fun creative outlet where I can write in any way I want about things I love. I enjoy writing about all my favorite products, fashion, recipes, etc. It's like having my own little online magazine! Blogging is fun and exciting and totally addictive!!

Favourite stores:
For clothes I love Mr Price and Foshini. I also love Legit and Jay Jay's... And Edgars. Sometimes...  
For makeup I love Clicks and Dischem

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
I plan to do a lot more reviews and beauty tips and just gain more readers by being more interactive. I wanna make my blog funky and interesting, and applicable to any girly girl (or guy) reading my blog... Also, I am planning to run a feature with guest bloggers, so let me know if you are interested ;-)

Some Interesting things about you:
I just finished my BA Language Practitioner degree.
I'm a closet Justin Bieber fan.
I am a hoarder!!!
My favorite colour is purple, but I don't have anything purple :-(
I love free samples and could love from free samples forever.

If you like DIY and other interesting posts, definitely check out her blog.

[Thank you Imka for the opportunity to feature you. I found so many posts I like and you are such a lovely person. Best of luck blogging, keep in touch.]
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  1. Great post ladies. Thank you for introducing me to a South African blog Nia.


  2. Thank you for the lovely post! It means a lot! :)

    1. You are welcome gorgeous. Hope to see more interesting posts. x


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