January 25, 2013

Feature Friday: La Belle Dame Sans Merci

       Woohooo!!! It's Friday. I personally am very happy as I am really tired and could really do with a long sleep and then a warm bubble bath. Anyway, time to stop day dreaming and get to the point. 
       Today I am very happy to introduce to you the lovely Fiona of La Belle Dame Sans Merci. She is absolutely amazing {seriously}. I 'met' her when we were both involved in a group giveaway on Nykki Talks Beauty. We chat from time to time and she is just the sweetest. She also always leaves me nice comments which make me smile. 
       If you haven't yet seen her blog, you should definitely stop by and don't forget to leave a comment to say hi. She has beauty posts, reviews and an amazing feature called the Monthly Start Sign Makeup Tag. Get to know more about Fiona:
La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Feature Friday on Cherryfashion, Featuring Fashion and Beauty Bloggers
La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Name: Fiona Naughton

Blog name: La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Where can we find you (links): Twitter
                                                                         Email - fionairish@eircom.net

What you love most about blogging: 
I love interacting with my readers and fellow bloggers, it's such a great community to be a part of. Comments on my blog really do brighten up my day and I respond to each one. It's great to be able to share my thoughts, opinions and makeup looks with people from around the world and actually have the read and respond to my words!

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: 
I try to think of new features all the time. I am due my first child on Valentines Day so after that I shall be beginning my new fitness regime so I shall be featuring that and updating my progress. I shall have a lot more outfit of the day and makeup posts in the coming year as well as some lifestyle aspects to my blog.

What else do you do other than blogging? 
I'm an avid snail mailer, I've been writing and swapping with people now since summer 2009 and I absolutely love it. I also love to shop and find great bargains, but what girl doesn't?! I'm really getting into all things vintage so I hope to find some amazing pieces this year.

What are your favourite stores to shop? 
I love New Look, H&M, Primark for clothes and the huge Boots store in my city for beauty deals.

What song is constantly playing on your ipod/iphone etc? 
I always seem to have either 'Lovecats' by the Cure or 'Man Who Sold The World' the Nirvana version playing, those songs are always stuck in my head too!

Some interesting things about you: 
I live on an island in the south of Ireland, I have a degree in history and English literature and Barbie and I share the same birthday - March 9th! Very fitting for my personality as I love anything pink! In fact my mother once stated that she should have named me Barbie instead of Fiona!

If you are interested in the star sign makeup tag or want to see interesting beauty posts, visit Fiona.

[Thank you Fiona for the opportunity to feature you. You are a doll! I am glad we are blogger friends and I just got to know more about you]
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  1. Awh Nia, thank you so much for featuring me and for your kind words about me! You've seriously made my day! I'm glad we got to know each other, you're a lovely person and a fabulous blogger. Thanks so much again lovely :) xo


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