January 31, 2013

My Birthday Wishlist

       My birthday is in 2.5 weeks and I am sure my family and friends are already wondering what to get me. So I though I would make a wishlist and send it out to them. I have been lusting over all these items for a while now, some more than others but I really look forward to getting all these items. I know because most of my family is away it may be hard for them so I am totally open to getting my present in cash and buying the item you choose to give me on your behalf. You are also obviously very welcome to get me beauty products as well as anything from Lush, Body shop or the Disco Cosmetics stores.

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Palma Leather Lace Up Shoe Boots
I have wanted these shoes forever, I think the only reason I have still not gotten them is I am afraid they will be too high. But I am tired of waiting and not knowing. I have chosen the black ones as I think they go with everything and I already have JC Lita lookalikes in beige and brown. So these black ones are much needed. Sizing: EU41/UK8.

Naomi Black Handbag
Ever since the first time I found the Marc B bags, I have been lusting over some of them. I don't really know what it is with me and quilted things, but I like them so much. This bag looks very sophisticated but chic, I can totally see myself using it everyday and not getting tired of it.

Pentax 55-300mm lens
I have wanted this for a while now. I currently have the Samsung 18-55mm lens which I really like but would love to make more up close photos. Photography is one of my hobbies and during the summer it is nice to go out and take some nice pictures. You can see some of my work in the photography tab. So I may not get this for my birthday, so if I don't i will just have to save up for it.

Faux Fur Gilet Jacket coat Waistcoat
When I was in Germany, I decided I finally want a fur vest but could not find the type I wanted in the stores I visited. Somehow I missed it in H&M at the opening. Now I want it bad and will definitely get it. I would love to have this in brown. I am a UK8/ EU34/Small, so in this link I think I would probably be like a Chinese size M.

Faux Fur Collar 
Soon it is going to be spring and I am looking forward to wearing my autumn coat and leather jacket. I think this fur would go great with my jacket and these lace-up boots I am asking for. I can already see myself in different outfits with this. So many things I want to try and will definitely take photos for you all to see. I would like to get this in black and then I will probably get myself a brown one as well.

Real Techniques Brushes
I have heard so many nice things about these brushes from all my blogger friends and I want to try the out. If they are as good as everyone says, I will finally be able to do some makeup videos for my youtube channel. I have picked the Core collection brush set and the Starter set. These brushes are available in Stockmann if you are interested in getting them for me. :)

I know my mum, brother, husband and probably friends are reading this, so "HIIIII darlings. I love you and miss you all".

I love presents and it will be great to think about you each time I use the item.
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  1. I love the handbag and brushes! Wow, it is beautiful that handbag! And i need new makeup brushes!

    1. Yes, I know. I am absolutely dying to get them. If I don't, I'd just have to get it myself. :)


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