January 16, 2013

My Christmas Trip to Germany

       Hello lovelies, Today I though I would share a post on some of the travelling I did during Christmas. I will have some more posts up about each city I visited. So the main city we visited was Saarbrucken, Germany to visit my sister-in-law. While we were there we were lucky enough to make it to the last few days of Weihnachtsmarkt. 
       Weihnachtsmarkt means Christmas Market and is held during the 4 weeks of Advent. there are a lot of stalls everywhere selling drinks, food, candy, nuts and many other things. There are also attractions for kids such as car rides. Usually everyone just gets together at these places and has a lot of fun eating, drinking and talking. Here are a few pictures that we took while we were there.
       Every year, they have a Santa's sledge hanging over the buildings and in the evening you could see a Santa slide down does ropes. I think it would look amazing at night with all the lights, but unfortunately I didn't get to see it.
Santa's sledge in Saarbrucken
Small christmas tree
       Here is one of the attraction for kids. It was great to hear them all squeal and laugh while riding as you pass by. The joy of kids always makes a lady smile.
Children's car ride attraction
       There was a Christmas tree in the center of the city. I personally would have put more decorations on it with loads of different colours.
Christmas Tree in Saarbrucken
       Some yummy food. This was a stand which sold cakes and caramel apples of different types {I think}. I didn't get any as I would have been covered fully in sticky caramel afterwards. {haha, just how I am}. We got some tasty nuts from another stand instead.
Sweet stand at Weihnachtsmarkt in Saarbrucken, Weihnachtsmarkt
       And then we were home and I decided to take a shot of the window as I really liked how it was decorated with candles and lights.
Christmas decorations, Christmas lights

While on this trip, I was lucky enough to visit 2 more cities which I will be telling you about really soon. It was a lot of fun and you should definitely think about visiting. Don't forget to enter the bloghop.

Have you ever been to Weihnachtsmarkt?
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  1. Looks amazing! I've never been to Germany but the part of Italy that touches Germany... haha... I do hope to go there one day. :) fun size beauty

    1. That's nice. Oh, it is great. And if you go somewhere around Saarbrucken, you are not far from Luxembourg and France. :) x

  2. Beautiful!! Would love to go to Germany.


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