January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Him

       So I previously did a Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Her post and thought it would be nice to give our ladies some tips as well. I am in no way and expert, I am just suggesting from past experience and things I have seen over the years. I have celebrated Valentines Day every year over the past 5 or more years and I don't like things to get boring so it is nice to come up with something new each year. I hope this inspires you in some way and you have a fab time.

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Every guy need a good expensive shirt, or two. Any way, it is an important part of a man's closet. Imagine he has to go for an interview and wants to make the best first impression ever.... he puts on the shirt you gave him and instantly feels like you are there supporting him. So much more confidence... and then BAM! He gets the joba and you get to shop. haha.

Buying your man funny but cute underwear like the one above is something we girls like to do sometimes. I think it leaves good memories of laughter for the couple. So why not have a good laugh as you show him you love him.

A good looking guy in a fit suit and great shoes definitely needs to keep it up with a good personal pen. I think I actually got this from my mum, not sure though. But I totally agree with it. If your man is the office kind and is forced to dress up every day for work. You may want to give him a pen to keep in his inner pocket to sign all those important contracts. You can even have it engraved with a message that means a lot to you as a couple. What do you think?

Ok, so I know it is Valentine's day and it is usually the girls who get candy, but who said men don't like candy every now and then? I know for sure my husband likes them, not all though but still. Give him a treat of his favourite candy. I think he would appreciate it.

Maybe it is just me, but a lot of guys I know aren't the best shopping buddies. Not even for themselves! So I usually make it a point to buy some nice things to include in my husbands presents. It's cold right now, think maybe he needs winter shoes or a good warm sweater?

Bracelet/ Jewelry
Men do not wear armcandy. That is something we ladies get to keep for ourselves. But a lot of them like to wear 1 bracelet on their arm. For I guy I think it is nice to go for a nice silver bracelet or a thin leather one. It looks good on them.

How many perfumes does your man have? I think you can probably count it on your fingers, no? Find one he likes and told you about maybe sometime ago and get it for him. Surprise him by showing him you listen, you remember and you love him.

Isn't this just the obvious present for guys? With all the technology today, it is hard to keep track of the latest and I know most guys like to. Get him something from the latest, like best headphones at the moment, webcam with the best features or something else. Just be careful he doesn't start playing with it on the 14th.

Buying things is easy. Have you tried actually making something for him? A card maybe or a collage of all your pictures? Think of something more creative than the usual, he will definitely appreciate it as you put all that work into it to make him happy.

So I hope you have a nice Valentine's day. Enjoy it with your other half. And if you are single, treat yourself to something you love most.

Have you decided what to get and what to do on Vaneltines Day?
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  1. Such a great gift guide! I was looking for ideas for my 3 year anniversary, and this helped so much :)

    1. I am really glad to hear that. I hope you have a lovely time.x


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