February 27, 2013

Review: Garnier Pure Daily Gel Wash

Hi lovelies, I hope you are all doing well. I showed you guys my haul a little while back, and now I am reviewing one of the products. I have purchased this product twice and would love to let you know what I think and read your opinions as well.

I have oily skin which is acne prone, therefore it takes quite some effort to look good. I have a lot of products included in my daily routine, this gel wash is also a part of it (hoping to do a video on this soon, let me know if you are interested).

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Garnier Gel wash review, Garnier Pure Daily Gel Wash Swatch, Products for Acne

The packaging is pretty simple and comfortable for use at home and even when travelling. When I use it at home, I don't close the top once I open it, but if you need to travel all you have to do is close it and open to once you get to your destination. It is easy to use; you just press out the amount you think is ok for your face. 1 squirt for me is fine as I apply it on a makeup free clean face.

It is a clear gel wash which contains salicylic acid and purifying zinc. Now I am going to get a little bit technical for a moment. Salicylic acid is a monohydroxybenzoic acid which is used to treat acne. When applied on the skin, it penetrates the follicles and helps exfoliate dead skin cells from within thereby keeping the pores free from cellular debris and reducing breakouts.
Because it contains salicylic acid and purifying agents, this product cleans and tightens the pores making your skin so much better. Right after you wash your face, you can feel that it is kind of matte.
I use this product on my face in the morning and at night and it doesn't dry me out (of course this also depends on your skin type and that your skin is moisturized regularly).
I have seen significant improvement in my skin and would definitely recommend this product for anyone with oily or combination skin. Pricing wise, I would say this product is very affordable. It costs about €5 and lasts for months because you only need a little. At Prizma, this product is on discount sometimes which makes it even cheaper.

Have you ever used this product? What do you think?

February 26, 2013

Gorgeous Advertisers {February 2013}

Hi lovelies. I hope your Monday was good, well now we I am back with another introduction to my advertisers. My Gorgeous Advertiser for the month has been Luchessa. You would probably have noticed her beautiful face in the sidebar. She is absolutely one of the most amazing people I have met. She is so kind and sweet, I cannot wait for when she visits Riga so we can meet up. Get to know her in this post and then go over to her blog and say hi.

Luchessa, Beauty Expression

A little about yourself:
I was born in Moscow city back in the day's, when The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics still existed. Later on my family moved to Germany, where i can be found these days. I've studies in Spain in the lovely city of Almería and traveled throught Mexico, where i definitely brought back my love for anything that sounds spanish! (I might have been a mexican girl in my past life.) 

Luchessa, Beauty Expressions by Luchessa, Blogger Friends

About your blog & what posts we can find: 
I started blogging in September 2012, so my beauty blog is still new and fresh. I love what i do, especially the people who i got to meet through my blogging experience. I think the beauty community is one of the most caring and sharing ones i ever came across. You can find product reviews, must-have tips, hot spots when it comes to traveling, nail designs, face & body care news and anything we girls all love to discover. More about my blog you can find in my Confessions of a Beauty Blogger TAG.

Where can we find you (links):
I'm also to be found on TwitterHelloCotton and Bloggers.

What else do you do other than blogging:
I'm working as kind of a guide in different exhibits, doing some translations, but also trying to travel a lot, which is a big passion of mine. Hopefully I get to visit the beautiful city Riga, where the lovely Nia is located these days. I think it would be really nice to meet some day. :) (Don't worry my Beauties, i'll be most probably doing a "What is she wearing" blog post, since Nia is always so stylish!)

What are your favourite stores to shop?
I really enjoy Sparituals, Kiko makeup Milano, the Body Shop and 360° Accessories (obviously an accessory shop).

What are your top 3 favourite posts:
When if comes to blog posts written by others, I try to do a "favorites of the season" and feature the ones I liked the best, such as here.
If we are talking about my own favorite posts, it should be these:

Please feel free to stop by my blog any time and leave your feedback. I'd love to hear from you. :)

Go check out her blog !

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February 25, 2013

The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop {#1}

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all doing well and you had a fab weekend. Mine was great as I celebrated my birthday. Yay!
So anyway, a while ago I found out that someone was already using the "Monday Madness Bloghop" even though I searched for it and found nothing before. Well, even though we have different ideas behind the bloghop, I didn't feel comfortable taking it away from her so I decided to rename mine. The idea behind it is the same.... I will be putting up funny/ inspiring/ motivating pictures or videos to give you all a good start to the week. I would love for everyone to enter and spread the word. The more the merrier and I would love to find some new blogs to read and follow.
So now that we have all that clear, here is what I have for you today.
1. Follow my blog
2. Visit the other links and don't forget to say hi.
3. Add your link

I would also really appreciate it if you:
- Share this hop with other bloggers on your blog/ facebook/ twitter anywhere you like. The more the merrier. Use hashtag #TFBBH on twitter.
- Like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter for updates and chatting.

Have a fab week my darlings, much love!

February 24, 2013

Fabulous Advertiser: LaLa Lists {February 2013}

Hello my gorgeous readers, it is that time of the month again when I would love to introduce you to my Fabulous Advertiser. 

Lala Lists

This month it is the lovely Rachel of LaLa Lists. She has been blogging since May of 2012 and she is doing an amazing job. Once you go to her page, you will notice straight away how much work she is putting into it. 
Lala Lists, Rachel

You can find so many different types of posts on her blog including tutorial, style boards, lifestyle and much more. She is always happy to hear from her readers and open to help whenever she can which makes her absolutely amazing.

If you would like to get to know more about Rachel you can check my previous post here and go over to her blog.

Go check out her blog !

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February 13, 2013

Laid Back Valentine's Day Outfit

       Hello my lovelies, It has been a while I posted and I do hope you missed me. I missed blogging and missed seeing your lovely comments. Well, I am back now and thought I should put up one of the outfits I thought of for a laid back Valentines day. Tomorrow the movie is going to be full of teenagers on dates and restaurants are going to be full of everyone. I always celebrate Valentines Day but as my birthday is only a week away and hubby's birthday is in the beginning of March, we usually keep it more or less simple. So here is what I came up with for a casual day to share some love with your other half.

Laid Back Valentine's day Outfit

       I love this outfit and wish I could wear it myself but I am missing some key pieces. It is very simple yet trendy and has something very sexy about it. Think stripped meets floral meets edgy. The studs on the jumper add some edge to this outfit and the bag adds a more girly floral aspect. I kept the makeup simple as the colours of the other items are quite deep.
       I think it is a great outfit for something in the center and then get all snuggled in together at home. So if you haven't decided what to do or what to wear. Give it a thought.

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow. Don't forget to enter my giveaway.
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February 6, 2013

Hettie Hair Accessories Giveaway {CLOSED}

       Hello my lovelies, in my previous post I told you about this lovely store I found - Hettie Hair Accessories. Well, apart from sending me a headband to review, she also sent me one for my amazing readers. With all the love buzzing around and it being my birthday month I thought what better time to share this with you.
       So here are some pictures of the giveaway prize. It is a handmade bronze beaded headband which will go with absolutely any hair color and basically any outfit. If you would like to win, please follow the rules and enter through the form given. 
If you would like to share this giveaway on your page, you can use this link. (Thank you)
Hettie Hair Accessories, Headband giveaway, Accessory giveaway, Giveaway, Fashion giveaway, Headbands
Bronze Beaded Headband, Hettie Hair Accessories, Headband Giveaway
Hettie Hair Accessories, Hair Accessories, Handmade Headbands

 - This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY
 - This giveaway will run till 27.02.13
 - NO Spam or Giveaway only accounts. All entries from such accounts WILL be disqualified
 - 1 Winner gets this lovely headband
 - Use the rafflecopter form & No cheating

Best of luck to everyone and thank you so much for all your support.
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February 5, 2013

Gold Sequin Headband (Hettie Hair Accessories)

A while ago found this lovely lady through my social media best friend (Twitter) who was interested in getting her headbands reviewed. I like to wear headbands from time to time, so I jumped on the offer. I was given the opportunity to pick out my favourite headband and a little something for all my amazing readers.

The name of the lovely lady is Hettie and she is the owner of Hettie Hair Accessories. Hettie Hair Accessories sells lots of amazing pieces starting from hair pin, headbands, fascinators and more. Whether you are looking for a more casual piece or an item for a party/ wedding, you will find it there. There are so many different items for different styles and occasions. You definitely have to check it out. It may seem pricey at first, but these items are handmade and one of a kind.

Here is the headband I picked out for myself. It is a lovely gold sequin headband with ribbon to fasten it. It also has some glittery fabric which makes it so shiny and pretty. I am seriously in love with it as it goes with well anything. Everything is made with so much care and the materials used to make the headband are clearly of high quality. Even the ribbon doesn't fray {okay maybe it is just me and my crooked hands, but seriously!}. It is absolutely gorgeous.
Gold sequin headband, hettie hair accessories, Hettie hair accessories review, hair accessories
Sequin headband, hettie hair accessories
Headband review, hettie Hair accessories
Gold sequin headband c/o Hettie Hair Accessories
Headband review, sequin headband, sequin hair accessory

Look how lovely it is on my hair. Isn't it just amazing?! I cannot yet think of 1 outfit I would wear and this headband wouldn't fit as I mostly wear gold jewelry. Rock on summer!!! I am ready.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Hettie. This is my favourite headpiece yet.

Find hettie on: Etsy

Check out Hettie Hair Accessories and don't forget to come back for the surprise I have.

February 1, 2013

Feature Friday: Confessions of a Makeup Addict

       This week I am very happy to have another beautiful beauty blogger for Feature Friday. Her name is Nikki and she blogs over at Confessions of a Makeup Addict. She is a very nice, lovely and sweet young lady with so many interesting posts. 
       She blogs about reviews like the Stila Seeing Stars Smudge Stick Eyeliner Set, Hauls like her Darling Girl Cosmetic Haul and more. You should definitely check her out. 
       I am also joining her this week to co-host Finally Friday Link Up, so come join us after getting to know her in this post. Please follow the rules and have fun. Here is what she told me.
Feature Friday, Blogger interview, Featuring bloggers, featured blogger,

Confessions of a Makeup Addict, Makeup addict

Name: Nikki Ash

Blog name: Confessions of a Makeup Addict

Where can we find you (links): Twitter

What you love most about blogging: 
I love sharing things with other people, and blogging allows me to do that. My absolute favorite part though is reading the comments I receive. I'm truly grateful for each one that I get.

Ideas/plans regarding your blog: 
I'm trying to be more consistent with posting, and I'm looking forward to starting a celebrity inspired series. I've recently started a blog hop/link party that will be up every Friday, and Mani Mondays!

What else do you do other than blogging: 
I work at a tanning salon, and I take care of my husband and furry family, which becomes a full time job. I also love reading fashion magazines and other blogs to see what's new in the beauty world, as well as pinning way too many things on pinterest. 

What are your favourite stores to shop? 
For clothing, Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe. I love H&M, but I don't have one anywhere near me. As far as anything else, I love Sephora and Ulta. 

Some interesting things about you: 
I rescued 2 chinchillas from an abusive home, and they've now had two babies. I also rescued a kitten who was about to go to the pound. I absolutely love animals. I'm 100% obsessed with Harry Potter & Twilight both, please don't judge me for that! Haha. I loved the books way before the movies. I've been in and out of college for over 7 years, but haven't ever gotten a degree because I've switched my major around so many times. Also, I love video games. Zelda: The Ocarina of Time will forever be my favorite game, with Final Fantasy X being a very, very close second. So, obviously, I'm a bit of a nerd. ;)

If you are interested in beauty, go check out her blog.

[Thank you Nikki for the opportunity to feature you. I am so glad to get to know more about you]
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Finally Friday Link Up

     Happy Fridays my lovelies! As you know I am always excited when it is a Friday. This week I am co-hosting the Finally Friday Link Up with the amazing Nikki of Confessions of a Makeup Addict and Natalie of Natalie Loves Beauty. I am really excited to be part of this as I am sure i will find lots of amazing blogs. So come join us!

We would love to find new blogs, join us!
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