February 5, 2013

Gold Sequin Headband (Hettie Hair Accessories)

A while ago found this lovely lady through my social media best friend (Twitter) who was interested in getting her headbands reviewed. I like to wear headbands from time to time, so I jumped on the offer. I was given the opportunity to pick out my favourite headband and a little something for all my amazing readers.

The name of the lovely lady is Hettie and she is the owner of Hettie Hair Accessories. Hettie Hair Accessories sells lots of amazing pieces starting from hair pin, headbands, fascinators and more. Whether you are looking for a more casual piece or an item for a party/ wedding, you will find it there. There are so many different items for different styles and occasions. You definitely have to check it out. It may seem pricey at first, but these items are handmade and one of a kind.

Here is the headband I picked out for myself. It is a lovely gold sequin headband with ribbon to fasten it. It also has some glittery fabric which makes it so shiny and pretty. I am seriously in love with it as it goes with well anything. Everything is made with so much care and the materials used to make the headband are clearly of high quality. Even the ribbon doesn't fray {okay maybe it is just me and my crooked hands, but seriously!}. It is absolutely gorgeous.
Gold sequin headband, hettie hair accessories, Hettie hair accessories review, hair accessories
Sequin headband, hettie hair accessories
Headband review, hettie Hair accessories
Gold sequin headband c/o Hettie Hair Accessories
Headband review, sequin headband, sequin hair accessory

Look how lovely it is on my hair. Isn't it just amazing?! I cannot yet think of 1 outfit I would wear and this headband wouldn't fit as I mostly wear gold jewelry. Rock on summer!!! I am ready.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Hettie. This is my favourite headpiece yet.

Find hettie on: Etsy

Check out Hettie Hair Accessories and don't forget to come back for the surprise I have.


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