February 26, 2013

Gorgeous Advertisers {February 2013}

Hi lovelies. I hope your Monday was good, well now we I am back with another introduction to my advertisers. My Gorgeous Advertiser for the month has been Luchessa. You would probably have noticed her beautiful face in the sidebar. She is absolutely one of the most amazing people I have met. She is so kind and sweet, I cannot wait for when she visits Riga so we can meet up. Get to know her in this post and then go over to her blog and say hi.

Luchessa, Beauty Expression

A little about yourself:
I was born in Moscow city back in the day's, when The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics still existed. Later on my family moved to Germany, where i can be found these days. I've studies in Spain in the lovely city of Almería and traveled throught Mexico, where i definitely brought back my love for anything that sounds spanish! (I might have been a mexican girl in my past life.) 

Luchessa, Beauty Expressions by Luchessa, Blogger Friends

About your blog & what posts we can find: 
I started blogging in September 2012, so my beauty blog is still new and fresh. I love what i do, especially the people who i got to meet through my blogging experience. I think the beauty community is one of the most caring and sharing ones i ever came across. You can find product reviews, must-have tips, hot spots when it comes to traveling, nail designs, face & body care news and anything we girls all love to discover. More about my blog you can find in my Confessions of a Beauty Blogger TAG.

Where can we find you (links):
I'm also to be found on TwitterHelloCotton and Bloggers.

What else do you do other than blogging:
I'm working as kind of a guide in different exhibits, doing some translations, but also trying to travel a lot, which is a big passion of mine. Hopefully I get to visit the beautiful city Riga, where the lovely Nia is located these days. I think it would be really nice to meet some day. :) (Don't worry my Beauties, i'll be most probably doing a "What is she wearing" blog post, since Nia is always so stylish!)

What are your favourite stores to shop?
I really enjoy Sparituals, Kiko makeup Milano, the Body Shop and 360° Accessories (obviously an accessory shop).

What are your top 3 favourite posts:
When if comes to blog posts written by others, I try to do a "favorites of the season" and feature the ones I liked the best, such as here.
If we are talking about my own favorite posts, it should be these:

Please feel free to stop by my blog any time and leave your feedback. I'd love to hear from you. :)

Go check out her blog !

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  1. Nia, thank you very much for this lovely featured post! That's an honor for me.
    And that Martina Bekereja bakary meeting is def going to happen one day in Riga. :)

    1. I am glad you like it. You are always welcome. Cannot wait for it, so excited! x

  2. Awesome :) That seems like such a good idea. But I'm curious. How did you start this? And what goes into being an Advertiser?

    1. I just thought one day that it would be great to share the love and get some traffic to fellow lovely bloggers. You can check out my packages here. Currently offering May free if you get a fabulous/ gorgeous package for March and April - http://www.cherryfashionblog.com/p/sponsor.html. x


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