March 1, 2013

Travel diary {Places}: J'ai parlé français à Metz

Bonjour mon amis!!! It took me a long time to choose and edit the pictures because we had tons but because I promised to do this post and I really want to share my experience with you, I am finally putting it up. I really do hope you enjoy it.
While in Germany for the holidays we had the opportunity to visit Metz. Of course Metz is no Paris but still being in France and being able to hear people speak fluent french was amazing. The weather was not the best you could wish for, but it is so beautiful there that no rain can ruin such an amazing place. We had approximately 4 hours before we had to get on our train back and I think we went to every since place there.
When we arrived to the city, we were so luck that we got to the Cathedral just for the beginning of the 11:30 mass, so we stayed and listened to the sound of the Organ. I was also really glad to hear the songs as I remembered some of them but in English. After the cathedral we just walked around and visited some other places before we finally got on our train.

It was so wonderful and I am glad we went. Next time it is definitely going to be Paris and I cannot wait!
Have you been to France? If yes, where exactly?


  1. I've been to Paris twice and to Besançon once. You are going to have such an amazing time there!

  2. Wow, these photos are gorgeous! Hope you get to Paris soon.

    I'm stopping by because Nykki mentioned your post as one of her favorites in the Weekly Round-Up this week.


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