March 28, 2013

Review: Christian Eyebrow Makeup Kit

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you are doing well. I am sure we are all excited for the Easter holidays with plans to munch on chocolate, paint eggs and more. What do you do for Easter? Any traditions that you have in your family? I would love to know.

I have wanted to do this review for a very long time. Actually ever since I got this and that has been months and months. But because I had some problems with the photos I took before I started using it all up and then broke it eventually I could not post this. I am glad that I have sorted it all out and I can finally tell you about this kit.

When I first tell someone that I use the Christian Eyebrow Makeup Kit, everyone is like "Huh?! What's that?" or " Cool, I never heard of them before". Well, I am sure when you read the post title a lot of you thought the same.

Having carefully done filled in eyebrows is really something amazing and you will not believe me until you actually try it. After that, you will definitely be like "Where have I been?! Why haven't I been filling them in before?!". Believe me, I don't think I have gone out without actually doing my eyebrows since then {Except makeup free days}. You have probably seen different eyebrow kits and eyebrow pencils all over the internet like the MUA Eyebrow Kit, ELF Eyebrow Kit, NYX Eyebrow Kit, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil and the rest.

Christian Eyebrow Kit is a semi permanent eyebrow powder which is available in 8 shades. The kit contains the powder itself, 3 stencils and a brush. Because my eyebrows are really dark, I use "Irid Brown".

Christian Eyebrow Kit

Christian Eyebrow Kit content, Christian Eyebrow Kit Review

I loved the packaging when I got it because it was white, clean and nice. I know a lot of eyebrow kits come with more that 1 colour and a fixing gel but for me just having the powder is fine. The brush is amazing, maybe the best brush I have had. It is soft, applies the powder evenly with absolutely no problem and didn't shed even though I have washed it quite a bit. I am so glad I have it now and would probably use it if it fits a different kit.

I like that it is small and I can put it in my everyday makeup bag. What I also experienced was that the stencil marked natural fits my eyebrow curve and type perfectly. I love using the stencil as it is so easy to apply and you have the perfect shape. All you have to do is put the stencil over your eyebrow so the shape fits, take some powder on the brush and go over your eyebrows a few times. What I always had a problem with was that the edges of my eyebrows would never look like I wanted. Now they do!

What is a big turn of for me with this product is the price. I mean spending €20 on an eyebrow kit is absolutely ridiculous! I do love it and think it is likely the best thing I spent €20 on, but there are so many other kits to try. So no matter how much I love it, I will be looking into purchasing another brand next month and trying that out. If it is as good then I will switch but if it is not, I will stick to using the Christian eyebrow Kit.

Quick summary

Likes: Clean packaging, Easy application

Dislikes: Expensive
Verdict: Maybe repurchase if others are not as good for me.

Have you used the Christian eyebrow kit? What do you use?

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