May 31, 2013

Feature Friday: Beauty Expression by Luchessa

Hello lovelies, who is excited that it is Friday? We are! TGIF! I love love love Fridays because it means I finally get to relax and have some me time {not to talk of having some sleep}.

It has been such a long time since we had a Feature Friday post and I was really missing it. I love to share all the great bloggers I have found with my readers because well, they are all so amazing.

I have decided to change it up a bit from the way it was before. This time, there will be no more questions. After blogging for over 1 year I know quite a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers and there are so many I love, plus I keep finding new ones every week thanks to The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop so I thought from now on Feature Friday will be about me featuring the bloggers I love and telling you about them and their blog.

I want to start of the new Feature Friday by telling you about someone who is very dear to me and I am so so so so so glad that we are friends.

Look at the face below. Look familiar? 

Yes, because it is Luchessa!!!!

About the Blog & Blogger
Beauty Expression by Luchessa is well obviously a blog about beauty as well as other occasional topics. You can find anything from nail art posts, reviews, travel posts, swaps, international giveaways and many more amazing posts. You will definitely love stopping by her blog. Here are a few of her posts {click on the images to view the full post}:

All of that looks very interesting, doesn't it? Best thing is that not only is her blog extremely interesting, but Luchessa is also an amazing blogger and the best friend you can ask for. She loves communicating with her readers and will always help when she can. We started chatting a while back and ever since then she has become my very good friend. She now hosts "The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop" with me and it is so much fun.

Yes, that is very much possible even though we never met {but we will} and she lives in Germany {which is technically not so far away}. In the blogging world, these things happen. You leave a comment or a tweet to another blogger and with time you become really close. Recently we even sent each other packages with lots of stuff in it. We will both be blogging about them once they arrive to let you know what was in it. 

I am sure I have grabbed your attention now so what are you waiting for. Open her blog in a new tab and have a read. While you are at it, why not leave her a comment to say hi. And don't forget to follow so you have access to all her future posts.

Find her and say hi

Enjoy her blog and don't forget next week's feature.


  1. My dear inspiring Cherry Fashion! :D
    You just put a big surprised smile on my face!
    Thank you very much for this nice introduction to my blog & me as a blogger. I really appreciate that! (Especially because i had no idea, you would do something like that! True story!)
    Having a blast hosting with you The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop & hope we are going to find many many new exciting bloggers to follow & support as well.
    And until we meet - here's a big virtual H U G!!


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