May 20, 2013

The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop {#13}

       Hello my lovelies and welcome to #13 of our blog hop. I am glad to see that a lot of other bloggers have been joining us as I love finding new blogs and falling in love. So keep linking and don't forget to check out the other blogs.

The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop, Fashion and Beauty Hop,

       This week I am super excited to be joined by one of my blogger best friends as a host for this blog hop. She is seriously the most amazing person EVER! She is sweet, helpful, smart and beautiful. What more can you ask for?! If you don't believe me, stop by her blog and say hi or chat her up on twitter. You will instantly understand what I mean.

She will be hosting this blog hop with me from now on.

If you are interested in co-hosting the blog hop, please email us.

Today we are sharing with you 2 DIY hair masks which will leave your hair feeling much better than chemicals. If you want to read the entire post, please visit Hair Spray and High Heels.

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2. Visit the other links and don't forget to say hi.
3. Add your link

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Have fun finding new blogs.


  1. Hi. I'm a fairly new fan. I like to read your posts and thank you for sponsoring this blog hop :)

  2. Have a lovely week Nia! :) xo

    1. Thank you Fifi, I always feel so much better after your comment every week. Lots of love. x

  3. Thanks again for the Blog Hop! You guys are amazing bloggers <3

    1. We are glad to have you darling. You can join us every week and if you decide to co-host shoot me an email. x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks gorgeous, we are glad to have you. x

  5. Wow..Your blog is amazing :) ! Can I know please ow can I submit my blog ?


    1. I think you sorted that out yourself darling. Glad to have you join. x


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