June 15, 2013

Gorgeous advertisers {June 2013}

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are having a fab weekend. Mine is great as I am spending a lot of time outside and love the fresh air I am getting. It is that time of the month for me to introduce you to my gorgeous advertisers. They are both so amazing and have such lovely blogs, plus they have made great contributions for a giveaway, so I hope you stay till the very end. Get to know them, stop by their blog and say hi {from me as well}.

Meet Dalayna from Pointing Up

Hello there! My name is Dalayna from Pointing Up. My blog is all about "words, love, and actions that point to Christ." I suppose it is a lifestyle blog, with some photography, fashion, thoughts, ramblings, adventures, and the like. No matter what the post title, I hope and strive for it all to be dripping with Jesus. I do have many loves and many interests, so content is quite diverse, but no matter what I love for you to be a part of it! It is such a joy to share, connect, and stock (just kidding!) wonderful bloggers from all over the world; sharing joy, beauty, and love, things that can connect us all.

Meet Rebecca from A Beautiful Ruckus

Hi there! My name is Rebecca and my hubby, Sean, and I have 2-year-old boy/girl/boy/girl quadruplets! I write a blog at abeautifulruckus.com about our crazy, wonderful life raising our kids. Our blog started as a way to document our pregnancy, NICU experience, and the milestones we've hit while raising quadruplets in Kansas City, and has evolved to include lots of other topics as well! You'll find lots of tips and tricks for raising multiples or large families, posts on motherhood and marriage (and how they are nothing like what I thought they would be!), meal strategies, recipes, crafts, and, of course, some really fabulous giveaways from some big brands! We also host a Little Things blog link-up, so if you are a blogger, keep an eye out for that! Our kids keep us busy, and we love sharing our adventures with them while navigating life. We also love meeting new people and hope you will stop by to enter our giveaways, ask questions, or just to say, "hi!"

Told you they were awesome didn't I? I hope you stopped by their blogs and social media channels to give them a follow. If you still haven't done that, you definitely should!

Best of luck everyone!

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