June 5, 2013

Review: Qoileez

Hello my darlings. A while ago I was contacted by a representative at Qoileez to ask if I would like to receive a sample of their product & host a giveaway. I wasn't sure what Qoileez was so I checked out their website.

Well, good thing I was home because I screamed! Why?! Well because Qoileez turned out to be something I had always wanted as a child back in Nigeria but they weren't sold there. It was one of my childhood dreams to actually own a pair of these and I was absolutely in shock that it was coming true at 22. {Who said dreams don't come true!} I was so excited that I decided I just had to review them. I would like to say a huge thank you for making a dream come true without even knowing it.

Qoileez is a brand that sells accessories which can be used for your hair, pencils, knitting needles or anything else you come up with that you would like to design. They are small elastic plastic coils which can be worn in different ways. I personally like to wear them in my hair, which you can see in the last picture.

Qoileez Review
Hair Accessories: Qoileez*
Qoileez, Hair Spirals
Qoileez on my hair

Qoileez comes in different colours and designs. You can find dots, stars, stripes, leopard design or even mixed. As I couldn't pick which design or colour I wanted. I though taking the mixed pack would be amazing. And it is! I absolutely love them and plan on wearing them often this summer.

These accessories are also super affordable. They cost just $4.99 for a 4 piece pack which I think is great as I would love to get some more fun colours for myself. The company also ships internationally which makes no problem for anyone ordering.

Quick summary
Likes - Price, Fun
Dislikes - None
Verdict - Personally purchasing more colours

Did you have these as a kid? What do you think?


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