June 10, 2013

Sweet Summer Swap

Hello lovelies. At the beginning of summer, Luchessa and Sabrina got together and organized the Sweet Summer Swap. This was a swap event in which everyone from around the world was allowed to take part. You get paired up with a partner and them purchase each other things you think they would like with a limit of $20 {excluding shipping}.

I got paired with a lovely lady from Spain called Gemma who blogs at My Adventures in Nail Art. She is such a sweet young lady and does the most amazing things with nail art. And be sure they are all hand painted. I remember stopping by her blog to get to know her and thought "OMG".

Anyway, Gemma sent me a package which contained some really amazing items. I am excited to try everything out as I have not tried any of the products included {oh, well except the chuppa chups which is technically not a product}. She also included an amazing letter in such a cute envelop {unlike me who couldn't find one so I sent a card of Riga}.

Here are a few items which I would classify as skincare products. An anti-stress mask which will definitely come in handy as I handle my full time job and master's thesis. A foot scrub and balm which are her absolute favourite summer beauty. And a soap from a local cosmetics company in Cordoba.

There were also a few other beauty products and things which includes an Anny nail polish in "let's dance", a kiko eye pencil in aqua {cannot wait to try it out} candy and the lovely letter. 

Isn't it amazing?! I absolutely love my package!!! I know Gemma may think it doesn't seem much. But quality is better than quantity and I really appreciate you taking the time to pick all these things out for me.

I picked out a few things also for Gemma which I liked myself and thought would make her happy, so if you would like to see what I sent her, then stop by her blog and say hi while you are at it.

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What do you think? What are other item you can send in a swap?


  1. What a really cute package xx


  2. wow, thats so so cute!!

  3. Glad you liked the package Nia - I had fun picking things out for you and hope you enjoy trying them out. X


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