July 3, 2013

Over borders, we swapped beauty

Hello my amazing readers. I hope you have been enjoying your summer. Mine has been great with so many things happening both here on the blog and in life. A while ago, the lovely Luchessa {who is one of my best blogger friends} of Beauty Expressions by Luchessa told me she was making me a package and sending it over from Germany and I thought it would be great to send her some Latvian goodies as well.

So I wanted to share all the amazing things she sent me as she is so amazing. I let her know my skin type and she picked out so many amazing things for me.

Firstly, she sent me 10 face masks. When I saw that I was totally in shock! Now I think I have enough face masks to last me a lifetime {or at least a good couple of months}. They are all different and include peel-off masks, stress relief masks & others.

Face masks for problem skin, Facemasks for acne prone skin

Next she got me some amazing nail polishes from her favourite brand P2. One is a sand texture nailpolish {totally amazing, I already used it in combination with my gold sand texture nailpolish which I got here in Latvia} and the other one is a soft pink nail polish {I am currently wearing it and it looks so lovely}.

P2 Nail polishes

She also got me a foam face wash which is for acne prone skin {perfect for me}. As all the items had instructions in German. She took the time out to tag each one explaining what it is for in English. How cool is that?! Just look at those lovely purple tags on the picture below.

Swap goodies from Germany

Don't they all look amazing?! She is such a darling and I cannot thank her enough. I have used 1 mask and all the other products and they are great. This was also such a great opportunity for me to try some new products I would not have gotten otherwise and I am so glad we are friends.

We will occasionally be sending each other packages containing what we love and new products to try out.

If you like reading about beauty, you definitely have to stop by her blog and say hi because you will love her. She is just that amazing! {Did I use the word "amazing" too much? Oh well, that's because she is!}

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Check out my lovely friend!

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  1. I'm very happy you're enjoying you goodies, my dear. :)


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