August 25, 2013

Travel diary {Places}: But we didn't see Santa

Hello my lovely readers. I think it is time I share some more of my vacation pictures with you. After the stop in Tallinn, we were on our way to Finland to visit my brother who is doing his Master's degree there at the moment. Since the ferry wasn't going directly to Turku, we decided we would have a couple of hours in Helsinki before we take the bus to Turku.

We arrived at Helsinki tired and spent hours looking for the station where our bus was to depart from. Turned out this information is only available online. Unfortunately for us, we had lost so much time we couldn't go see anything.

On the way back though, we had about 1.5 hours so we went down the street to see the Helsinki Cathedral and Upsenski Cathedral. They are both beautiful, aren't they?

Helsinki Cathedral
Uspenski Cathedral
It was a very long trip from Riga to Turku but we finally made it. It was quite cold the first few days but got warmer with time. Here are some of the beautiful places I visited in Turku.

Turku Cathedral
Turku Cathedral
Turku Castle
Other side of Turku castle
St. Michael's Cathedral
Ruissalo Beach

I hope that looks like fun because it was. I will be posting about the different outfits I wore while on vacation soon, so stop by to see that. If you are planning to visit Finland, here are a few things to keep in mind:

- Shopping can only be done until 20:00 on weekdays.
- Shopping can only be done until 18:00 on weekends.
- Most things are electronic or machine related. So do your research on where your bus departs from/ arrives etc as you may not find the help you need at the bus station.

With that been said, enjoy your weekend.


  1. Wow, gorgeous pictures! I would love to visit Finland one day

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  2. i want to visit those places as well! great photos ;)

  3. How fun. And it also looks like you have had a good weather on your trip :)

    1. ah, yes. Was crappy the first 3 days and then it got warm and stayed warm till I got back to Riga.

  4. Pretty photos! I'd love to visit Scandinavia

  5. That photo of the Helsinki Cathedral is STUNNING. I'm jealous of your travels!

    1. Thanks lovely. Glad it was such a great weather to take such pictures. x

  6. Hey, next time, don't be afraid of asking somebody, most people are happy to help, and that way you'll have time to see Helsinki too :)

    You definitively show Turku from its best sides, happy you had a good time there! Great pics!

    Btw, about shopping hours, 9am-6pm on Saturdays, 12-6pm on Sundays (most shops, big shops and grocery shops are often open till 9pm) 9am-9pm on weekdays in city centres. Boutiques and other specialised small shops are often closed on Sundays, close at 3pm on Saturdays and say 5pm on weekdays.

    1. Thanks. And we weren't afraid. Just nobody knew how to help us because they didn't know themselves.

      About shopping hours. I was talking about clothes shopping not supermarkets. The only clothes shop I saw that was open past 8 in the center of Turku was Stockmann which was actually quite strange for me as here in latvia malls are open till 21pm and supermarkets till 22pm or 23pm.


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