August 29, 2013

Travel {ootd}: Peachy Florals in Turku, Finland

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Cardigan: Primark   |   Jeans: Meta    |   Scarf: Colloseum   |   Bag: Parfois   |   Sunglasses: H&M   |   Top: Colloseum   |   Watch: Swatch   |   Jewelry: Lindex & Ebay
Summer Jewelry, Aqua bracelets
Summer outfit, Peach outfit, Styling floral pants

I am in a great mood once again as it is sunny here and you all know I absolutely love it when it is sunny but absolutely hate it when it is warm {if you didn't, now you do}. It's just the African blood in me and the fact that I lived there most of my life {I guess}.

Now, while I was on vacation, I didn't have the time to post about my outfits as I was moving around a lot. But I did have the time to take pictures. So here is one of the outfits I wore on a chilly day in Turku, Finland. You can see my post on the places I visited in Finland here.

I love coral & peach in the summer. And what makes it even better is floral pattern. I am so glad I found those jeans in while shopping with my mum here in Latvia in a store called Meta. They were only about 19€. The bag was also a steal for 19€ from Parfois at Galerija Centrs here in Latvia. I cannot believe I actually had to think if I want it or not! I love it so much.

Photography by Steve Nebo {My brother}.


  1. I love those jeans, that's quite a good price you got them at! I hope florals will stay in fashion when Autumn comes! x


  2. Cutie bear :D Fabulous sunglasses. And i guess the look on your face says: "Darling, where are we going to have lunch today?" :)


    1. Thanks love. Wish my brother gave them to me :( No it doesn't as I was there with my bro and mum. haha x

  3. The outfit is great! Floral pants are amazing and I've been searching for a great pair for a long time, in any case you look fabulous!


    1. I know! It took me forever to find these ones. I found them while shopping with my mum which is so typical as I wasn't looking for them at the time.

  4. Thanks darling. I'll def stop by. x


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