September 25, 2013

The good and not so good of online shopping

Hi lovelies, I am so glad that I have finally had time to write this post. If this helps someone out there, it would be great. Online shopping for me was a world in which I could click on and on and it seemed like everything was perfect. But then I had to learn the hard way that it is't perfect.

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We all love shopping, don't we? There is just something about getting your hands on the latest zara bag or buying that skirt you have been eyeing. We love to stand out and look pretty. Everyone has a different style and therefore we shop at different places, but in the end it is still shopping.

Quite a few of us like to shop online for a bunch of reasons. Some because it is just faster, easier access and you can do it at any time {even if you can't sleep at 3am}. Others because there is more variety on the internet. Yes, that means you sometimes have to pay for shipping, but in the end when you are the only one wearing that dress at a party, you understand that it was all worth it.

Online shopping can sometimes come with the consequence that the item doesn't fit or look as you expected and you therefore have to either sell it where you live or make a return to the store. Sometimes, returns can be quite a hastle and I cannot stand them. Of course you are safe when buying an oversized jumper, but disco pants, jeans or a bodycon dress are a whole different story.

Image: We heart it
We all know that when buying things, cheaper is not always better. And I have always kept that in mind but somehow I got too excited and learnt a big lesson about online shopping. Here is how:

A while back, I was dying to have a pair of black JC lookalikes but no store had it in my size. It was all getting very frustrating until I finally found  one store who had them in my size and in stock. I was overjoyed! Since I had to pay for shipping anyway, I thought I'd order something else and seeing as I didn't yet own a pair of disco pants and they were on sale, I went for them.

I received my order and my boots fit perfectly. The disco pants on the other hand were a bit small and I had to make a return to get 1 size bigger. The store wasn't very customer friendly and kept saying they haven't gotten my return & have therefore not sent out another pair. I sent them my payment slip as prove and still nothing was happening. I was so pissed off I think I had smoke coming out my ears like in cartoons.

The entire process of me actually getting another pair took months {I am not kidding!} but finally I did get it and was glad to know they fit. I will not be ordering anything else from that online store ever!

So you see what I mean?

So, to sum it all up, what I am trying to say is be very careful where you order from. There are so many websites out there and I like to try new things but this has really made me very careful with online stores I have never heard of or had anyone I know make an order from them.

Now to summarize, here are some of the good and not so good of online shopping:

Shopping at any time
Fast item location{if you are looking for just skirts, you can filter on the website}
More variety
Trendy pieces

It might not fit exactly as you want.
Returning an international delivery is a hassle.

Be careful where you put your money as it could just vanish and there is not much you can do about it.

If you think of any more pros or cons, please let me know and I will update the post.



  1. I completely agree! For beauty products or clothing items where sizes are more lenient, online shopping is amazing! But I tend to stay away from buying jeans or tight dresses online!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely. I personally wouldn't buy an expensive lipstick online unless I know how it would look on me or I am picking a neutral shade with which I think I can't go wrong. I bought jeans once and was glad when they fit perfectly. xxx

  2. The biggest pro of online shopping for me is that I don't have to deal with crowds, can compare without walking a ton, and I get to try things on in a flattering light and without music (or with my choice of music). Crowds make me dizzy, I'm pretty lazy, and seriously, fitting rooms have such unflattering lighting. I nearly always end up with a headache.

    But I'm an introvert with social anxiety and a bit of a hermit streak, so this is all influenced by that. ;) I've actually bought jeans several times online and never had any problems. The trick is checking their sizing info to make sure the size you generally are doesn't run big or small as per the measurements.

    - Lix | A Classic Notion

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely. I know there are probably lots of people who feel the same way about crowds. About the size, sometimes I think even that wouldn't have helped me. xxx

  3. I know what you mean. I had a lot of good and bad luck with shopping online. Now I just buy things from the brands I know.

    1. I've been doing that for a few months but I really need some more variety in styles and prices. xx


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