November 6, 2013

H&M Isabel Marant Collection Preview

Hello beauties. It is mid-week aka Humpday which means we are that much closer to the weekend. Big "Yay" to that! Last Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Preview of the H&M Isabel Marant Collection at the H&M Showroom.

The internal of the showroom is crisp white and all the lamps made it very bright and beautiful. I have been spending quite some time looking at home decor on Pinterest and I really like the modern white interiors. The showroom is a lovely place and I could possibly spend hours in it. 

Now on to the collection! The H&M Isabel Marant collection brings a bit of the French charm to Latvia. It is a mix of urban style, bohemian elegance and the spirit of rock 'n' roll. This collection will be available for sale on the 14th of November 2013 in selected stores. Here in Latvia it will be available at H&M in Galerija Centrs, so if you like something, make sure to stop by.

H&M Isabel Marant Collection Preview


The collection for women included quite a few sparkly things I could possibly wear on a night out or to a party like the skirt, blazer or tank top in the pictures below. It also included statement pieces like the black & white shaggy jumper/cardy as well as the jacket with beaded embroidery. There are also casual pieces which can be worn daily or styled for an outing. 

H&M Isabel Marant Womens Collection, Isabel Marant Black & White shaggy cardy
H&M Isabel Marant Jacket with embroidery beads
H&M Isabel Marant Sequin trousers
H&M Isabel Marant Studded Heels


This is the first time Isabel Marant has a collection for men, and it looks great. From jumpers to long sleeve shirts and from PU trousers to blazers. The collection can be worn by the more stylish men in our community as well as those who prefer the casual outfit. My favourite pieces from the men's collection were the blazer, brown boots, black hat & white sneakers for the summer.

H&M Isabel Marant for Men
H&M Isabel Marant Men Jumpers
H&M Isabel Marant Men Boots
H&M Isabel Marant hat for Men
H&M Isabel Marant Sneakers


The kids section was much smaller than the women/men section but also included lots of interesting pieces. If I had a little one, I can imagine styling a few of these pieces for her/ him. My favourite pieces in this section were the boots and the bracelets. 

H&M Isabel Marant for Kids
H&M Isabel Marant for your little one
H&M Isabel Marant Bracelet
H&M Isabel Marant Girl Boots

All in all, I really do like this collection and can think of multiple ways to style some of the pieces. I am glad & very grateful to have been invited as I had a lot of fun. By the way, the macaroons were absolutely to die for!

Here is a video covering the collection:

What do you think of the collection?

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