December 15, 2013

Win $100 in the Holiday Group Giveaway

Hello beauties, I hope you are all doing great. The snow has almost all melted here in Latvia but the air is still cold and cripsy. 13th of December marked 2 years since my first ever blog post and seeing as I am currently very busy, I did not have the time to get anything together. So I decided I'd just have a mega giveaway in the new year once I hand in my thesis.  

For now, I got together with the lovely Nykki of Joshephine Nychole and 8 other amazing bloggers to bring you this $100 Cash Giveaway. The timing really could not be more perfect.

I this this really is an amazing time. The giveaway will end on 27th December 2013 which means holiday sales will still be on and $100 can get you quite a few things. You can finally get the Naked palettes you have been lusting over or that coat/ bag you spotted last week.

Let's not waste any more time;
Cristina's Beauty Box || Vixen Bombshell || Petit Moi Big World || Vivian Stone

The Giveaway will run from December 12 until December 27 {approx. two weeks}. 

Follow the rules; and grab as many entries as you can! The more you grab the better chance you have at scoring yourself an extra hundred bucks! :) 
Good Luck! 
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  1. Aww you guys rock. So sweet of you ti give someone a chance to get a really cool gift for Xmas :)
    My holiday plans contain a lot of cooking with my bestie & baking with my mom - i love doing that each year. :D

  2. I will go to my sister's and my boyfriend's mother's house.

  3. I'm going to spend tons of time with my family!

  4. I just plan on hanging out at home with my husband and little girls.

  5. I am having my family over for Christmas dinner.

  6. Enjoy to spend more time with my family! Thanks for this great giveaway xx

  7. I´m going to go to meet my family :)

  8. the family coming in to stay and a lot of food and presents

  9. To not go broke! LOL That is my goal anyway. ; ) Love this time of year, but seems even when I try to go the thrifty route, I spend, spend spend!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. I am planning to have my family over to my house for a holiday celebration.

  11. Just celebrating with family! My birthday is 2 days before Christmas (next Monday!) so we'll be going out to my fav restaurant next Sunday and then going around to look at Christmas lights!

  12. Nights in by the fire, with god friends and family, watching films with food and wine :)

  13. Hanging with parents and boyfriend before he leaves to study abroad for months :(

  14. I plan to finish my baby book (for my psychology class!) :D


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