January 2, 2014

Life update and a call for help

Hello beauties. It has been so long since I have written a post. I thought I would quickly tell you about what's going on and then I need to ask you for a favour.

How you interact with fashion brands online, Life Update, Please fill in the survey

A little bit on life:
If you do not know and are wondering why I have not been posting, it is because my thesis is due really soon and I would like to hand it in without transfering the date and paying a lot. So I have been working my butt off in order for it to be done on time. But the work required turned out to be more than I anticipated and as such I am currently behind and have just a few days left. Once the pressure of the thesis is gone, I will go back to posting regularly and will be giving my store a full makeover which I am very excited for. 

Christmas and NYE was great! Other than the fact that my outfit from MissGuided never arrived which left me searching my wardrobe last minute to try and figure out what to wear and that I fell ill after Christmas and lost my voice on NYE, it was fab. We had a lovely Christmas dinner and I got amazing presents from my family & friends. Then NYE was spent watching the fireworks in center and then going back to a friends apartment to eat and drink.

Now that you know I'm doing ok, here is my request:
I really need every single person who reads this to please take 2 minutes out of your busy day to fill in a survey for my thesis. The survey is about how you interact with fashion brands online. It will take you very little time but will mean a whole lot to me because I need 200 responses according to the rules/guidelines of my thesis.

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone who fills it in.


  1. Done the Survey....Hope it helps x

    1. Thanks a lot beauty. Every single person who fills it in counts a lot. Brings me that much closer to the total number of responses I am meant to have. xxx

  2. Filled it in for you honey. All the best in 2014.


  3. All done sweetie, goodluck hope you reach your target! ~Times2style x

  4. done! good luck with your thesis!




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