March 12, 2014

Review: Real Techniques Sam's Picks Brush Set

Hello beauties, I hope your week has been ok. Once again, my week has been really busy and I always feel really tired when I get home from work. But on the plus side, it has been really sunny here in Latvia which makes me happy.

I love having lots of different brushes to use for my makeup as this means I can skip washing my brushes during the week. Using clean brushes when applying makeup is very important if you do not want to get any bacteria on your face as well as avoid unnecessary dirt. If like me you have acne prone skin, then it is even more important you use clean brushes. 

I wanted to try Real Techniques brushes for a long time but didn't want to spend 24, so when I remembered about iherb,  I finally made my order. 

Real Techniques Sam's Picks Brush Set
Real Techniques Sam's Picks brush set content and uses
Affordable Real Techniques brushes

The brushes come in a thin plastic package and have a description of all the brushes on the back as well as on the brushes themselves. So if you are new to using brushes and do not know which brush is used for what, this is very handy. The handles of Real Techniques brushes are colour coded: base brushes (yellow), eye brushes (purple) and finish brushes (pink). I find that this set is great if you want to try out different brushes as you get 2 of each type. This set includes: multi-task brush, setting brush, buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, crease brush and fine liner brush.

The brushes are made of soft synthetic fibre which is 100% cruelty free. The handles of the brushes are long and comfortable for use. The brushes were clean and looked as good as new. I use the buffing brush for applying my foundation and found that it doesn't absorb the product which makes it remain soft and fluffy even after multiple uses. I put the brushes to my washing test and am so glad to say they didn't shed or fall out. 

This set was on discount at a price of $30 excluding shipping which is $4, plus I got $10 off my order as it was my first and over $40. Bringing my total order to $32 for 2 items. AMAZING! To prove the price difference: the starter set and core collection cost $18 on iherb which is approximately 13 in comparison to the 24 it costs here {total bargain!}.

I think the brushes are absolutely amazing and cannot wait to get the other 2 sets and other RT brushes. The quality is great and you can save some money if you purchase them with a discount.

Overall Summary
Price - iherb: 21, feelunique: 39
Likes - Soft synthetic fibre which do not shed after washing, comfortable handle.
Dislikes - None.
Verdict - Purchasing new sets.
Available - in stores, feelunique, iherb etc

Have you tried these brushes? Let me know what you think.


  1. Wow this look alike a great set :) You can never have enough brushes might have to get some now. Thanks hun

    Anna-Maria |

    1. I totally agree. "I have enough brushes" - said no beauty ever!

  2. Did you really like the whole set that much? I have to say, i'm rather dissapointed. Especially with the eyeshadow brushes. The best of the bunch are the two big ones, the multi task and buffing brushes in my opinion.

    1. I really am, especially at the price I got it. My favourite is obviously the buffing brush and I do agree the face brushes are the best. But, I find the crease brush really great as my others aren't the same shape as this one and I started wearing eyeshadow much more often. I am currently neglecting the liner brush though as I don't use my gel liner as often as I used to. But in general, I found a purpose for all the brushes.


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