April 2, 2014

H&M Conscious and Conscious Exclusive Collections Preview

Hello beauties. A bit over a week ago, I attended the preview event of the H&M Conscious and Conscious Exclusive 2014 Collection at the H&M showroom. Before we move on to the pictures and video, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the H&M Showroom staff here in Riga for inviting me. 

H&M Conscious & Conscious Exclusive Collections Preview

The H&M Conscious and Conscious Exclusive Collections include a wide range of Womenswear and some Menswear as well. The collections will be available in stores on the 10th of April. The Conscious Exclusive collection will be available in 150 chosen H&M stores all over the world as well as online while the Conscious collection will be available in all H&M stores and online. 

The collections are made up of a lot of Summer pieces as well as some Spring pieces. This year, two new materials have been added to the collection: organic leather and organic silk. The collections include calm colours such as black, white, beige, grey etc, bold colours such as orange and prints. Which in my opinion covers most of the must have items for summer which makes it a great collection for anyone.

Have you ever had this feeling like you are in love when you look at a certain item? I think we all have. But for me it is like I am deeply in love with the orange dip hem dress and the embroidered sandals. They are both so amazing! The sandals are from the Conscious Exclusive collection so they will be a bit pricey but the dress shouldn't be that pricey so I am hoping to get it once it is out. Other items I liked are the earrings as they are so bold and instantly make a statement for a simple outfit, the beige heels which I think will be super comfy & a great colour for summer and the layered necklace.

Have a look at the pictures and let me know what items you are excited for.

H&M Conscious & Conscious Exclusive Menswear
H&M Conscious & Conscious Exclusive Womenswear
H&M Conscious & Conscious Exclusive flat bejewelled shoes
H&M Conscious & Conscious Exclusive Multi layered necklace
H&M Conscious & Conscious Exclusive Prints and bejewelled top
H&M Conscious & Conscious Exclusive Handbag
H&M Conscious Exclusive peep toe heeled sandals
H&M Conscious Orange dip hem dress
H&M Conscious Exclusive beige heels
H&M Conscious Exclusive womenswear
H&M Conscious Womenwear

If you would like to see the items more in reality, you can watch my video below. I would really appreciate if you subscribed to my channel.

Which pieces are your favourite?



  1. When I saw your post pop up I couldn't wait to come and check it out. I am really excited to hear about these collections and very keen to learn more about their new fabrics. It's such a great thing for a fast fashion brand to be more sustainable. I understand your feeling very well and that orange dress is really awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stoping by lovely. I hope you get something from the collections. I really like this collection because I usually cannot splurge on H&M when it's a collaboration with a designer. Well unless they have one with lady gaga, then I'd save all I can to be able to get at least 1 item. haha. x

  2. Oh WOW I cannot wait to be able to get my mitts on this because there are some gorgeous pieces, thanks for sharing xx

    1. Glad you like the post hun. Which is your favourite piece?


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