May 6, 2014

Travel: Such a beautiful horizon, Barcelona!

Hello beauties. In April, I visited Barcelona and it was wonderful, so I thought I would share some pictures from my trip. If you've already visited Barcelona, this will be to refresh your memory, and if you haven't I hope you get inspired to visit.

The journey to Barcelona was quite stressful as I wasn't taking a straight flight from Riga due to the price, rather I went through Vilnus. I took the bus to Vilnus which took approximately 4 hours and then took the plane from Vilnus to Barcelona. Being in Vilnus for the first time and having 2 hours between the arrival of the bus and the flight, I was stressing over finding the minibus from the bus station to the airport as well not missing my flight for whatever reason. In the end I was able to get to the plane on time and finally arrived in Barcelona at midnight. Coming back was quite easy as I already knew where what was so I actually ended up with some extra time before the bus.

The weather wasn't great. The weeks before that, it was so warm everyone was already sunbathing. But when I arrived it was quite windy and cold which made me sorry I took mostly Summer clothes. My first day in Barcelona involved mainly drinks with friends. After that, we had the Easter holidays which we spent strolling on the beach and visiting tourist sites such as Sagrada Familia, the National Art Museum of Catalonya and the Magic fountain. I was quite sad I wasn't able to see the Magic fountain in the dark when it lights up but we were so beat when we arrived at 6pm to the fountain. We also visited the Picasso Museum where we got to see his works and read all about his life. 

Another place we visited which I loved was the Aquarium. I'm pisces myself so I guess we just have some sort of bond. There were so many lovely fishes, seahorses and other sea creatures. And there were sharks! I don't think I've ever been so close to sharks! I could seriously see their teeth so upclose and personal, which makes you think of all the horror movies you've watched.

Oh and I ate so much paella one night I couldn't move afterwards. So, that's some info on my trip. It really was so amazing and I had the best time. Iff you haven't been, make sure you book a trip.

Enjoy the pictures; there are quite a few.

Barcelona Beach, La Playa de Barcelona
La Playa de Barcelona
Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia
Ajuntament de Barcelona
View of Barcelona from the top
National Art Museum of Catalonya
National Art Museum of Catalonya
Munjuic Park, Lovely tulips
Magic Fountain in Barcelona
Magic Fountain
The Aquarium in Barcelona
Sharks at the aquarium in Barcelona
Clown fishes at the Aquarium
Torre Agbar Hotel

Have you ever been to Barcelona? What did you like the most?


  1. Those are some lovely photos! Yes, weather can be a bit like that before the end of Spring. I had to smile about your paella story! Yes, that also can happen with good food! xo

    1. Thank you beauty. And if you only knew what we paid for it. Hubby and I ate it at the restaurant and then had enough left for 2 for 1 more meal. IT was unbelievable. Have you been to Barcelona lovely?

  2. Lovely blog! I found you on the ##bblogger chat!

  3. This blog makes me want to go to Barcelona SO much!! I love the design of your blog, its so neat and clean and simplistic and cute!! I came from the bblogger blog hop!

    1. Thanks a lot lovely. I hope you are finding interesting things to read or watch x

  4. I'm going there in August, looking forward to it! So glad I've found your post!

  5. That's really true about Spain, it is best tourist attraction point where people from various places come to visit and make holiday to spent over here. And there re number of places in All over the Spain which are really beautiful to watch. And the the places you have shared are also awesome to view and visit. So I am also looking to have to visit over their with friends and going to book online cheap flight to Barcelona and travel their with two months.


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