August 28, 2014

Paradise Island Floral Print

Paradise Island Floral Print Dress
Dress*: WalG   |   Wedges: Stradivarius   |   Bag: Thrifted   |   Sunglasses: Reserved   |   Jewellery: Swatch, Ebay, Lindex, H&M
Paradise Island Floral Print Dress from WalG
Paradise Island Print Dress by WalG Review
How to style a Floral Print dress

Hello beauties. I hope you are all having a great week. Time seems to go by so quickly, not long till the weekend now. Last weekend, hubby and I went to Parc del Centre del Poblenou. It is such a lovely park as there are places to play with dogs, places for kids, table tennis fixtures and lots of other interesting things, not including the lovely plants all around. While we were at it, I thought it would be a great spot to take outfit pictures of my gorgeous Paradise Island Floral Print Dress* from WalG London.

Since I received this dress, I've been thinking of the different ways I could style this dress. For last weekend, I went with super girly. I felt that to complete the look, I needed my pink wedges from Stradivarius which I got in July and were featured in my July Collective Haul.

The dress is made of very light polyester fabric which is great for the Barcelona summer. It also has a white underlining which I really like as I can wear this dress to basically anywhere without worrying about showing too much. I love the print of the dress and the dip hem details it has. A combination of the fabric and the print makes this dress perfect for Summer days.

Of course this dress can be worn in so many different ways. Here are a few I came up with for two other different occasions. For a more casual look: A belt, sandals and a cute backpack.  For a night out on the town: a bright blazer, heels and a clutch.

I'd love to hear what you think about the dress and what pieces from WalG london you are loving at the moment.

What do you think about the outfit? How would you style it?

August 23, 2014

Rucksack/ Backpack loving

Hello beauties, I hope you are all having a great weekend. Before, I wasn't really in to the backpack trend as I don't usual carry a lot of stuff with me, and if I need to take a lot of things about, I'd much prefer a tote. I had seen a few bloggers styling them and I loved how it looked in some photos, I just wasn't sure how I'd pull it off. 

I recently got a pair of inline skates and have been using them quite a bit. They weren't expensive and are great as a form of sport as well as getting you to places super fast. So because I don't own a backpack/ rucksack, I have one issue when going for a ride: I have nowhere to keep my phone. At the moment I usually take a cross body bag but I can't keep my phone in it as I wouldn't want to crush it if I fall on my bum. So, I've been looking for a cute backpack and found quite a few ranging from 9.20 to 26.40.
I found this lovely backpack on the Newlook website. It's a gorgeous summer colour and print which I think will go with anything. This backpack is currently in the sale and costs only 9.20 which is the cheapest I have found.

I'm loving the floral print on this backpack. I found it in Bershka and think it would be great for riding inline skates as it seems a lot can fit into it. I think it would look quite nice with my inline skates since they are black and pink. It costs 24.99.

I saw this ruckpack and couldn't get over how cute the daisies look. This rucksack is available at LYDC London and costs 26.40. In comparison to the others I found, this one is a bit more pricey but it looks amazing and big enough to fit loads in.

The palm tree print is something else I've wanted and this backpack seems to be a great choice as it is colourful and should look great with my usual riding outfits. This backpack is available in the Newlook sale for 12.50.

I love macaroons, and I love colours, which is why this rucksack grabbed my attention immediately when I was on the LYDC London website. The macaroons are super cute and the rucksack will look amazing with different outfits. This rucksack is currently on sale for 22.80.

As you can see, there are many options and they all look so lovely. Unfortunately, I cannot get them all. I have to get one and would love you help in deciding as I am totally torn. 

Which one is your favourite?

August 19, 2014

Bassbuds #YourColourYourStyle

Hello beauties. I hope you are all having a great start to the week. So today I have a bit of a different but very exciting post for you. I have been considering doing some tech posts as this is another huge part of me. Even though I love fashion, beauty and sometimes being a total girl, I cannot escape the fact that I love tech gadgets and accessories. So when I was contacted regarding the Bassbuds in-ear headphones, I was really excited to receive them.

Bassbuds is a UK company specializing in stylish music devices while maintaining tomorrow's sound technology for today's consumers. They focus not only on the function of the music devices but also on the look/presentation. Their Bassbuds in-ear headphones are available in two collections: The Classic collection and Fashion collection, both of which are great and include a swarovski element embedded in the back of the sound chamber. This gives the headphones a way more stylish look than all the others I have seen.

Bassbuds are currently running the Bassbuds x Bloggers project which is a vlog project in collaboration with some well known UK fashion and lifestyle bloggers who feature bassbuds in their personal style. They are also running a competition where you can win £500 worth of amazing prizes. All you have to do is stop by the #YourColourYourStyle page, watch the video and answer some easy questions. 

I was given the opportunity to pick a pair of Bassbuds in-ear headphones of my choice. I went with the Bassbuds Fashion - Dynamic* from the Fashion collection which is a gold pair of headphones with a blue swarovski element and blue earbuds. I went for this pair because I love gold accessories even when it comes to technology, and the blue contrast swarovski stone gave it a very stylish feel. When I saw them, I got this funny feeling inside that told me "that pair is so you!". So I thought they would be perfect since the #YourColourYourStyle project is currently running.

Bassbuds in-ear headphones
Bassbuds Dynamic earphones review
Bassbuds #YourColourYourStyle
Bassbuds #YourColourYourStyle

I got my Bassbuds in a lovely box with 2 other pairs of blue earbuds and a bass bag which contained 6 more pairs of black earbuds {that's probably gonna last a lifetime}. Now moving on to the actual features of the headphones. The bassbuds earphones have great quality sound and block out any noise that's around, making it easy to concentrate on what you are listening to {e.g a language course}. The earphones also have a built-in Mic/MP3 controller which means it's super easy to switch between songs without getting your phone out, and the microphone makes it possible to receive calls. So whether you're going out for a run or listening to something on your phone while at home, these earphones are really handy, super comfy and stylish.

Do you own a pair of bassbuds? Which colour is your favourite?


August 14, 2014

Review: MUA Poptastic Palette

Hello beauties, I hope you are all having a bright sunny day. Today I thought I'd post my review of another MUA palette - The Poptastic palette. If you missed my first one, I reviewed the MUA Smokin Palette. I loved it so much for an everyday palette it actually went into my monthly favourites. After my friend Laura {she blogs over at Tease Flutter Pout} saw how much I loved the Smokin palette, she was kind enough to send me another MUA palette in my next package.

MUA Poptastic Palette
MUA Poptastic palette review
MUA Palette Review
MUA Poptastic Swatches - First six colours
MUA Poptastic Swatches - Second 6 colours

The MUA Poptastic Pallete contains 12 different colours and is quite compact which means taking it on a trip is easy. The colours are all bright and beautiful, so you can create so many different looks with this palette. Now even though I really like the colours, I find that the eyeshadows are not very pigmented. Usually it helps when you apply eyeshadow primer prior to the application of eyeshadow. But with this palette, I wouldn't say it made a huge difference. 

After applying the eyeshadow and blending it properly, the colour sort of fades off a bit. I'd personally use this palette for daytime looks as it doesn't give a very dramatic look. The amount of fall out is very acceptable. I applied it after doing my foundation and had no problem brushing the little I had off my cheeks.

So all in all, even though I don't love the Poptastic palette as much as the Smokin palette, I still quite like it. And for the price, I think it is a good palette for daytime use if you like colourful looks.

Overall Summary
Price -  £4
Likes - Great colours for a colourful daytime look.
Dislikes - Not very pigmented.
Verdict - Undecided about repurchasing, I'd rather try their other palettes.
Available - MUA store.

Do you have this palette? What do you think about it and which is your favourite MUA palette?

August 8, 2014

July Collective Haul (Primark, Stradivarius, H&M etc)

Hello beauties. I hope you all had a fab week. I've been a bit busy lately but I was finally able to film and edit my July Collective Haul. I moved to Barcelona, my mum visited and we did a bit of shopping. Since I left quite a few things in Latvia, shopping was a must!

July Collective Haul featuring items from Primark, Stradivarius, H&M, Bershka, Pimkie, Misako and more.

If you'd like to see what I picked up, watch the video. And if you have any questions, just send them my way. I'll be glad to answer all that I can. Also, I'd love it if you subscribed to my youtube channel.

And while you're here, why not enter our National Lipstick Day Giveaway to win an Urban Decay lipstick of your choice!

Have a fab weekend!
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