September 11, 2014

Spylovebuy Wishlist A/W '14

Hello beauties. With Autumn around the corner and since I relocated and am looking for a new job, I've been looking at a lot of websites and considering what shoes I need. One website that really caught my eye was SpyLoveBuy. They have a great selection of shoes. Mostly I like their boots selection and decided to put together a wishlist. 
SpyLoveBuy Wishlist A/W 14
Aberdeen Heeled Cleated Sole Platform Ankle Boots - Black Leather Style   |   Strut Block Heel Biker Ankle Boots - Black Leather Style    |   Dolcis Beflast Cleated Sole Platform Chelsea Ankle Boots - White Patent   |   Jorca Block Heel Cleated Sole Platform Shoes - White Leather Style   |   Paradise Stiletto Heel chain Concealed Platform Court Shoes - Red Suede Style
I liked quite a few items but was able to narrow my selection down to 3 pair of boots and 2 pair of shoes. I think all these items will be fab in the cold months. My favourites are the white cleated sole platform shoes, the chelsea boots and the biker boots. I feel they would be a great addition to my wardrobe as they would fit with anything and since I've recently been attracted to statement shoes, they fit perfectly.

The boots chosen would be very comfortable to walk in which is what I really need right now as I'd be using the metro/ train or tram to work depending on the location. The shoes are quite high and would make getting to work quickly quite difficult, but I could always wear them once I get to work. They are gorgeous and I think would look great with an office skirt and a blouse. 

Which is your favourite? What would you pick from SpyLoveBuy?


  1. Oh wow I love all of those! The white and black and gold buckle boots all being my biggest faves though! Good luck with the job hunting, hope you find something very soon!! Xx

    1. I know right, I want them! Thanks a lot hun. I hope so too x

  2. I LOVE spylovebuy I did a massive want wishlist a while ago but didn't snap any up and I am gutted as they are gorgeous xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. They had a lot of fab shoes in their sale! Wedges for just 10 Euros, and I cannot believe I missed it. Now they did something on the website and the sale items aren't as good. Hopefully I can get a pair or two from my wishlist. x


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