October 27, 2014

Review: Tangle Teezer Original

Hola guapas? I hope you are all having a great Monday. Once again, I'm talking about hair here on the blog. In December 2013, I started my hair growth journey trying to grow out my hair to waist length. You can follow my hair growth journey through these posts & videos: Start length check, 3 months update, 7 months update. And I have another update coming up at the end of this month, so be sure to stop by.

I've never owned a tangle teezer, I have no idea why. I've just always used wide tooth combs for my hair. Recently, I received the Tangle Teezer Original - Panther Black* from Hairtrade. I've been using it for about a week and I can already tell we're going to be the best of friends. 

The Original Tangle Teezer
Tangle Teezer for African Hair
Tangle Teezer Hair Brush
Hairtrade The Original Detangling Brush, Tangle Teezer
Tangle Teezer Bristles for detangling curly hair

The tangle teezer is a flat brush without a handle. The brush is ergonomically designed and fits very well in my palm. The bristles vary in height and are very soft making it easy to comb hair wet or dry. I try not to comb my hair dry as I feel my hair is more likely to break in this state. I always wet my hair slightly, apply leave in conditioner then comb my hair starting from the ends and working my way up. Then I apply some hair oil to lock in the moisture and comb once more.  

I've been using the tangle teezer instead of my usual comb and I am very impressed. African hair tends to get very tangled  and combing it every morning can be quite a hassle, so I love the tangle teezer. The tangle teezer detangles my hair and pulls out a lot less hair that when using a comb. Because it detangles the hair, this reduces the likeliness of hair breakage which for me means I get to retain my length. This is one of the problems I've been facing while growing out my hair. You feel as if your hair is not growing due to the ends breaking off, hence making the length remain the same or even shorter.

I'm going to be using only this tangle teezer from now on and hopefully it will help in hair length retention, and help me get closer to my hair growth journey goal. Overall, if your hair easily gets tangled, I would highly recommend you get one of these.

Overall Summary
Price -  £8.55.
Likes - Detangles hair and reduces breakage.
Dislikes - None
Verdict - Love it!
Available - Hairtrade.

Do you own a tangle teezer? What do you think about it?

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